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My back hurts! xD
I was reading back on some old conversations and I was sitting here going "..I wouldn't say that now! Why would I say that? o.o" and..yeah. My reactions made me laugh a bit.

Today has been going by so slowly compared to yesterday. Before the fight I didn't want it to end. -_-'

Well, hopefully they'll come on soon.

Eh, I'll be curled up on the couch, so when you guys come on, let me know.
...I'm here.....

-dying of being bored, and of being tired-
Mandy-candy, I'm tired, too.
I don't know how much longer I'll be able to wait without passing out. emo
Gabriel found a Gaian clone site... surprised
*watches him intently*
Oh? He's awake then?
Oh? He's awake then?

Yeah, but he's tired and irritable...

He's on his myspace on the forums.

I find this very amusing... because Gabriel has suddenly gotten shy.
Mmmn. -yawns-
Mmmn. -yawns-

... God damn it...
I'm sorry, Mandy... I'm trying to get him to talk to you... but he's totally ignoring me and being a b*****d...
Heh. Don't worry about it. He'll talk to me someday....

Shard is on.
He's not angry with you, man...
He's just hurt, I promise.

I noticed. ^^'
I'm also peeling. xD
Yeah. I know. I want to say sorry, but he won't talk to me. Oh well.
Plus he has Kerry... <--random excuse.

I'm peeling too. It's the area where the tearing feeling has been. xD It amuses me so!

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