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As you enter the ball and look around, one of the first things you notice is the seperate rooms. Curious, you turn to your left and enter an elegant black door, with ornate dark trim. Stepping inside, you almost trip over a tall gothic coat rack, not seeing it because of the dim lighting. Music plays in the background, loud enough to get people dancing, but quiet enough that you can share a private chat. Much of the lighting in the room is done via lights, some of them red or black. However, there are also candles sitting atop tables and shelves. Going to your left, you see a bar centered on the wall, lit by black and blue lights. Round tables made of dark alder, with chairs to match, were all on the left side of the bar, set around sporratically, not bolted to the floor for easy moving. To the right of the bar were dark red sofas and chairs, all sat around a large square coffee table. Looking towards the other side of the room, you see a large floor, with people dancing. A few rave lights flashed over the crowd. Most of them were set near the DJ, who was near the back wall. The speakers were on either side of the DJ station, pumping out music. Suddenly, you feel someone tapping on your shoulder. You turn and see a girl smiling at you with long black hair, wearing a pair of sunglasses that sat fairly low on her nose and only covered half her eyes. She looked over them at you. "Welcome to the Dark Room."

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1. Follow the TOS, obvously. Wich means NO CYBERING, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY DARK. ;D
2. No begging
3. No God-modding
4. Got an argument? Take it elsewhere, please. After all.... [x]
5. Dont bump. Honestly, its kind of a given.
6. Dont spam either.
7. Dont stretch the page!
8. Respect me, Pchui and Plir. If we ask you to leave, or stop something, do it.
9. Have fun biggrin
10. It is not required that you do RP-style posts. However, it is perfectly welcome. And also note that I wont be able to reply to all of you. I have tons going on at once sweatdrop so be patient with me, please.

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"Deus Ex Machina" by Moi Dix Mois
Got a request?
Either post it (preferably in a RP post) or PM it to me.

News: Open June 9th, going till the 11th biggrin
June 9, 5:33 PM: Due to the large amounts of PM's I received many many many contest entries were lost. (gaia automatically deletes your oldest messages when your inbox gets full). Right now I am working on catching up. I have probably about 100 messages to read and reply to (I put alot in my save box) so please be patient with me. sweatdrop
June 9, 8:09: Plir was officially made co-host. also, many many edits have been made to contests in order to deal with the massive amounts of entries we have received. please check the updates.
June 10, 12:02 PM: Well, I warned you guys :/. I lost probably 5-10 poems last night, if yours was one im sorry. They were PMed to me. Anyways, Mr and Mrs Dark room have been chosen!! congrats to necrowitch and [-Leggo-My-eggo-] for winning! And the poetry contest winners are at the very bottom of these first few posts XD
June 11, 7:56: well, almost closing time. If there are any more contests, they will be run outside the forum.
I still have all the entries in my journal, so expect random prizes later some of you!

Random gifts, art, donations.
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jordan_girl10: donated cool baggy pants, castaway white top, and 2 gold 3nodding
unlovedcancer: a dead sexy stone hairpin and pin!
vampiricgoddess666: 1 gold and an ocean summer top
247-i-love-gaara-247: 1000
Kittie-sama: green checkered hat, green workout ball, black, purple and blue leather automan
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NOTE :all contests but the WHO AM I contest are now CLOSED. if there are any more contests, it will be me finishing up the poetry contests outside of this forum. Keep in mind, this is a MAYBE.
Note that all contests but the Mr. and Mrs. annual ball will be contuinal; that is, there will be one contest after another until the ball is over, and that all are running simuntaneously. (meaning the poetry contest will be running one after another at the same time of the house, ect) Also note that any stealing of art, poetry, ECT will be dealt with via reporting to a mod.
PLEASE comment my journal with the entries too!!! if your entry gets lost in my inbox, sorry. sucks to be you.

Mr. and Mrs. Annual ball!
Winners have been chosen!
here is the poll results
The winners were: necrowitch and [Leggo-My-Eggo] !
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They each received 20k, fireworks, flowers, and a random item biggrin
They will also go onto the finals to compete for Mr. and Mrs. Annual ball!

Poetry contest:
CLOSED until further notice. I got too many entries
prize: 7k.

Who am I?
I'll give hints to a famous person, place, or thing, and youll have to guess what it is biggrin . PM me with guesses.
Hint: person
I co hosted the dark room (Lawls razz )
Prize: 5k

House decorating contest:
Opposite of the light rooms contest, see how dark and spooky you can make your house. 10 entry max per contest. PM or post if you would like to enter. (commenting my journal is preferred. Oh, and attach a link to your house too please)
Prize: 7k

Draw the dark room
idea submitted by: NatElias
Draw the dark room! any kind of medium will do, just use the decription in the first post and draw the dark room! Either comment the journal or send in your entries via PM (to me or PliR)
5 entry max per contest
Prize: 7k changed! Prize is now a Lunar Scythe!

Draw us!
submitted by: [bellatrix]
Of course this isnt just a cheap ploy to get free avvie art ninja But seriously, send in a drawing of either me or one of the co-hosts.
Any medium, any size, any type, ect. Just have fun with it. You can have all of us, one of us, add in someone, whatever. But keep it within the TOS.
5 entries per contest.
Prize: 7k

got contest ideas?
send them in via PM, or post them somewhere in your RP post. Ill give you 2k if I use the idea biggrin

Go here to vote for winners of all the contests!
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Name: Just call me Mog.
Position: Host
A bit about me: Despite fact I am host of the dark room, I am incredibly bright and bubbly. Dont be suprised if I go from a black outfit to a yellow one, either. I change my avvie alot.
How I really look: re are pics of me in my sig. Good luck finding m :3
Join date: My original join date was 06/23/2004, but after a wrongful banning I got this one on 08/05/2005.

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Name: PLiR! No, I don't know how to pronounce it. D'8
Position: Co-host
A bit about me: *deep voice* Well darlinging~`I like white wine and long walks by the coast so if you live anywhere near LA give me a... xD naw~ Umm... I like simple things in life and odd things I rarely see. My personality is goes from friendly to random to serious to Chika Pow Pow....err~ what now? I'm lost. o.O;
How I really look: Brunnette with short hair, light brown eyes 5'3... a bit of a plain Jane.
Join date: 02/05... I left for a bit but came back. I keep switching between to 2 of m. So you might know me on my other account. ninja

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Name: name's Pchui, but you can call me that or Chu.
Position: mini Co-host
A bit about me: Hmm... I guess I'm a sparky little person. I've always been attracted to dark things, as long as I can remember. O: I like pigtails. x)
How I really look: Err. I have blonde hair down to my shoulders, tied up usually in a bun or ponytail though. Platinum highlights. I'm sort of pale, my eyebrows are like Invisibrows, and my eyes change colors from blue to green to grey, to all sorts of shades in between. I'm also told y were purple once.
Join date: Originally 02/26/06, but after many quittings, account issues, and account-hopping, I've settled here... :3 For awhile. xD

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A collection of the good and bad people of the thread. The good get here by doing something good (duh.) The bad are banned for breaking the rules. Pretty simple stuff.

The good:
Lenya: Pretty much a given. Started the Annual Ball, in case you were wondering.
E m o-L o v e- S t o r y: Made the banners (for free, might I add)
Pchui: for helping out in the initial planning stage
PLiR!: for really stepping up when I needed a new co-host. she has taken alot of responsibility, and alot of stress off my back.
Sentos: He asked XD Plus, I know him IRL and things.
[].Loves.[].Suicide.[]: she let me use her AIM to keep in contact with Plir. Plus, she is awsome xD

The bad:
Contest winners:
Dark Hysteria
Chaotic Twilight

The last word from Mog

Wow everyone, talk about a great annual ball! When I first joined this project, I diddnt know it would be THIS BIG sweatdrop
I was super excited when I got room host 4laugh I thought the dark room would be one of the more popular room, but I diddnt realize it would be THE most popular room, with more than 1000 pages to boot! gonk
At first it was massive chaos; I couldnt delete the PMs fast enough. Through trial and error, I learned the do's and dont's of contest running in an event this size xp
Im not sure how much I'll get to get on on the last day, but I just wanted to tell everyone THANK YOU! for this amazing opportunity.
even when the event is over, feel free to drop me a PM or a friend request, I can almost guarentee a reply 4laugh

heart Mog
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Chatty Poster

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Last/Only Words from PliR

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contests! The ball was fun~ though it had its odd moments but that is understandable with any social event. No one is perfect. ^^ I <3ed going through the entries for the avi contest. Reading all the poetry was very interesting as well. Though I didn't RP, it was fun watching you all do you thing~ keep doing what you love you guys! Maybe you can find an RP partner or a friend. The saturday and sunday midnight people had some great RP skillz. xD I was impressed. I hope you won't be shy (because I know you are) and PM the people you've meet NOW. Do it!. xD This was meant to be an ice breaker. Just be like RAWR~! I remember you. x3

Hope that this event created some fun memories for you guys. See you next year! ;3

YAY Mogl! Special thanks for letting me Co-Host such a glorious event. <3xINFINITY 4laugh



OPEN and Welcome! *throws confetti*
Is that a mouthpiece in your pocket...
Why, hello there.
...or are you just happy to see me?

Mog walked in, looking around somewhat nervously.
This was her room.
Now, let the fun begin. She thought as she cleaned off a table, glancing around.
Is that a mouthpiece in your pocket...
Why, hello there.
...or are you just happy to see me?

Mog waved excidedly.
"Im Mog, welcome to the dark room"
She smiled.
TakingOverMe...'s avatar

Dangerous Lunatic

Lmfao @ that internet argument pic
The Butterfly is here!! xD Hello Butterfly!

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