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Growling a little, Anara turned and went back to her spot. Going back to her original routine of surveying rooms, she thought twice about her comment of a fun day.
The Atrox
Amaya Suzuki_1
she decides not to and waits for someone to talk to her, to shy to talk.

The man looks over at her curiously and walks over.

She looks up.
This isn't a very lively or exciting room is it.....
»»» 2 B3 D3spïsêd 2 B3 L♥vêd 2 B3 dЯê@mt of 2 B3 SouGht«««
    Darkness! woo!
*walks through door, and clears throat quietly*
I don't think I'm going to enter any contests yet.

I'm sure Mog is already swamped with PMs. I'll wait until after everything dies down, then I'll come back.
*enters the room quietly, looking around and not wanting to bother the others and sits*
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Just stoping to say "Hello" to u
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Sandra(which isn't my real name) walked in to the room and pulled out one of her favorite books "Vampires Don't Exist". After reading her favorite chapter "A Trip to Hell" she looked around the room silently applauding the decorations. She was about to take out her cell and call her friends when she decided to wait. (I HAVE NO SOUL!!!!!!!!!)
*looks around* seriously, is there an event item, or is the ball just to to give us something to talk about pointlessly?
This thread's flying! gonk
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Draken [The.Spork.Ninja.]
Here's the Question, am I Dark? Or am I light? oooo xd
Dark, definitely.
Walks in "hello people" goes to the punch bowl and gets a glass of punch and drinks it "this punch sucks...Were is the blood bowl?" Searches for a bowl of blood.
She points to a bowl of blood with about 40 cups sitting beside it. "Over here." She said. "This is what you're looking for??" She said drinking some blood.

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