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Allo everyone! <33
Sounds like fun...*goes to figure out how to clutter avatar*
Ooo! ;D I'm going to see if I can come here reguarly. n_n
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Goosies Moosies
That's kinda creepy. Like the people who have a website about Blinky. I dunno if you saw her post about that, but some people made a website talking about how great of an artist she is and how pretty she is, and even knew things about her from four years ago and stuff. e_e;;

XD!! Yeah, I remembered that. Creepy, but it doesn't seem to have amounted to anything, which is good.

I think I'll try something simple to get some art under way. Since I've drawn you and Lyn before, I'll try someone else.

By the way, is the new hair a permanent thing? :3.

Oooh...maybe you could draw Justin something. He's always telling me how he wants art, but no one ever does any for him. gonk

And I dunno if I'm gonna keep the hair forever, but I'm not in any hurry to change it (partly because it was expensive, but also 'cause I really like it). I'm considering making it permanent, but no solid decision yet.
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*checks to see if a Chainsaw Ganado is hanging around* <_<;;
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Angel Aiko
Angel Aiko
Like, OMG! It's the rare and elusive Eli-bird! surprised mrgreen
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I'm not rare or elusive, you just don't come to the PD anymore!!!

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True crying

I've got so much stuff going on though that I can never get to everything sad Between an infant, online classes, guilds, regular threads, one or two other forums, ect. I get so worn out.

BUT! I got Adobe CS3 Web Premium cool And I haven't had time to use it much yet because I have to write a paper crying
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yeah the baby does make it all understandable!
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hi i like this place lol mrgreen
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Allo everyone! <33

I LOVE CHAOS!!! lol, but Horray and love hte room
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      A Chaos, what kind of world would this be without ye?;;

      And now the nightclub sets the stage for this they come in pairs she said;
      We'll shoot back holy water like cheap whiskey they're always there;
      Someone get me to the doctor, and someone call the nurse;
      And someone buy me roses, and someone burned the church;
      We're hanging out with corpses, and driving in this hearse;
      And someone save my soul tonight, please save my soul.

Well... if there was no chaos, then everything would be neat and perfect all the time... and anyone who cleans up anything for a living would be out of a job, so would the people who make the stuff to clean stuff up, and their children would starve.

...I think I'm not in the right script any more. Ah well! *throws script over shoulder* Improv is more fun.
Hello everyone- I am Kyoshi- nice to meet all! blaugh

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