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Wow.. pages fly by.
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Fashionable Cutie-Pie

Angel Aiko

yeah the baby does make it all understandable!
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He's taking a nap right now ninja He's quite demading when he's awake xd
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yeah I hear that about babies.

Which is why I don't want one any time soon rofl
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And he woke up. I'll be in and out, still have to work on that paper after all xp Good luck with the hosting duties wink heart
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It's my first ball!
And I think I may have just picked the sezziest room to pop my cherry whee
So how is everyone?

CLICK & VOTE 4 mai Home? D:
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Malevolent Survivor

Oh, hi Ferale.

And um...

Lord Gold
Holy crap. I never expected anyone I've actually seen before hosting one of these. Let alone, Co-hosting. :B
seriously, he needs to get on

and, what up ferale?
Trying to beat this area I'm stuck at on Custom Robo Arena. D:

And trying to keep up with posts. :B

Also, I didn't just mean Joshua S. I also meant Reddy, and Lin. xd
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another year wow already? mrgreen
Wow this thread goes fast
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Shameless Ladykiller

Chaos, it's my room!
As I go down the line the rooms get more and more interesting
COOL! mrgreen
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Yuki - kun
Smile like you mean it...


Smile like you mean it...
User Image Can you take this spike? Will it fill our hearts with thoughts of endless night time sky? Can you take this spike? Will it wash away this jet black feeling?

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Allo ^.^

User ImageUser Image
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Apocalyptic Raider

Did you know I can talk only in questions for quite a while?
Do you think I've seen too much of the Questions Only game on "Whose Line Is It Anyway"?
Isn't it fun though?
sorry nothing to say

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