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It woudl be cool if the room was constantly spinning in a circle... like a tilt a whirl...

I guess I could say it was since we really aren;t there anyway
OMG! This ball thread is going so fast I went from page 11 post to page 14...

So, what's up with the random blacknamers making this. Dx

-No Offence-

Is Only A Charade
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Goosies Moosies

Holy crapes.

Thread suddenly went bonkers o 3o.

Oh well. Yeah, I'll try to do something for Sting. And WOW. That is a lot of J's.

J is my favorite letter too. XD I guess I'm lucky to have so many J name friends. XD

@Squiishy - HELLO! People recognize me! lulz

@Dizz - Whooo! I miss getting to look forward to summer. XD

Chaos is my nickname. XD;
4 posts by the time i had hit post >_>

well, ill start then... im good =D

and im listening to Aerials by System Of A Down.
hello everyone, can anyone contribute to my quest for anotherdark halo?
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The room's going fast.


Hey baby. How you doin?
~Angelina Elven~
Shadows-This is the first user runned event that I've been too. n_n

so what happens now.... PARTY...CHAOS....CHAOS PARTY
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Hopefully I can see Eli at next year's Acen again, but then..

I'll maybe muster up my courage to ask to take a picture together or something next year? :S

wtf i'm not scary lol xd

and i wish more people had taken pix of me or with me or whatever xd the only pic I've got of me in my avy outfit is the one in my profile xp
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    Eep, it's going way to fast.
Yay the annual ball!
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Well can't stay long due to dial up and computer being overly slow. This is my first ball that i've been capable of posting in and I wanted to say hi.^^

bye now.<3

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