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I like ...... MUFFINS! mrgreen
Bara no kubi wa tsunagete, gin no kusari kuwaete, koyoi mo hitori hateru anataga nikurashii~

things are moving so fasteded... my head hurts....well ive read page 101, i wonder if my post will be there....prolly not...
mmmmm chaos flavored donuts
K y o F o o c h a
Hey everyone!

I'm Kyo. nice to meet you.

I think i like it in the chaos room
xD~ Foocha.
Domestic ******** Family. :3
100 pages already!
...... whoa!
exciting... is this really an event.. it seems like it just popped out of nowhere... hm i wish there were items.
K y o F o o c h a
Hey everyone!

I'm Kyo. nice to meet you.

I think i like it in the chaos room

hi ....*girn*
Ninjas are hiding in my closet...they want cheesecake and the shaven head of Brittney Spears.
I love Squirrels too! xd
nikachuu's avatar

Dapper Noob


Heyyy, how are you doing? :3

Im good, ^_^ but this thread is CHAOS.

Eli did a good job with it XD

Yep, she always does a great job indeed, second thread that has become a sticky in a Anniversary now :3

I always loose in the last minute one of her auction apparently ._.;;

Anyway, I'm here trying to pass the last stage of Guitar hero II which is madness and the songs doesn't got a rhythm.

Also, I gotta ask you something but it would be better on pm and when I finish this stupid last songs from Guitar Hero II and. . . Anything new?

nah,im working on orders as usual...nothing new....well,you can PM me anytime ^_^
haha~i dare not to bid on her auctions cause i know im going to loose XD

In her last auction I lost because I wasn't at my house at the last minute ad someone bidded 40k more than me crying

I was screaming like a idiot because I lost the auction crying

speaking of auctions..
haha~ i just recently bidded a CN scarf right now XD
*Still running to reach the end of the thread* Can't go on, Must make it to the end. I will not give up BELIEVE IT
Okay, has anyone seen an invisble dingo around here or Mopey the zombie russian dog's chinese twin?

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