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You have made your choice among the portals in the first room, and find yourself in a somewhat dark hallway. You can hear sounds off in the distance, and so you begin to walk towards them. As you get closer you begin to hear the sounds better. They're a bit odd: somewhat frightening, but at the same time, they seem so fun and happy. This doesn't deter you, and you continue onward, finally arriving at the entrance to the room where the sounds have been emanating from. A man stands there, dressed in strange and somewhat disheveled clothing. The clothes, however, are definitely reminiscent of the standard butler attire. Behind him, you see a mass of colors and lights, with furniture strewn about... some of it is even hung form the ceiling! The room seems to be a complete mess, yet everything is certainly in it's place, and it beckons to you.

"Welcome to the Chaos Room," the man at the door says as you pass by to enter the room.

User Image

Welcome to what may possibly be the craziest of all the rooms in the ball. However, don't be confused. Just because we're the Chaos room doesn't mean that complete chaos rules here! We do have rules and such which you must abide by, for your own and others enjoyment!

I, Elindranyth, will be your host this weekend. Throughout the weekend, my two co-hosts, Joshua S. and reddy2bplayd, may make random appearances.

We're looking to have alot of fun here, just hanging out in this awesome room we set up just for this occasion. We've got some fun events planned as well! We'll be holding a couple of avatar contests, doing a few rounds of trivia, and of course, everyone's favorite: door prizes!

Just remember, follow the rules! It really will make everything alot more fun for everyone!

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Rules
  3. Ball Updates
  4. About Your Host & Co-hosts
  5. The Laundry Pile Contest
  6. Mr & Mrs. Chaos Contest
  7. The Trivia Game
  8. Door Prizes
  9. Memorable Moments
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User Image

  • FIRST AND FOREMOST! Follow the ToS! No PG-13 violations, no cybering, all that jazz.
  • NO SPAMMING! There's plenty of people here to talk to and no need to spam!
  • Please keep post-styles to a minimum! If your post-style has more content to it than your post, you've got too much!
  • No begging!
  • No whining and being emo if you don't win a prize! That makes it so much less fun for everyone else! You aren't the only one who didn't win!
  • Save the drama for your llama! No flaming people, and forget being emo if it seems like no one replies to you! These threads tend to move pretty fast and get lots of visitors so it's highly likely that your post may inadvertantly be overlooked, or that you might run into someone you don't particularly care for. BUT IN THE SPIRIT OF FUN let's just do our best to keep things happy and fun!
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W3'll b3 g3tting transmissions 3v3ry so oft3n about things going on in th3 oth3r rooms. You ar3 mor3 than w3lcom3 at any tim3 to h3ad back through th3 portal that brought you h3r3 and ch3ck out on3 of th3 oth3r rooms, and this post will k33p you updat3d about what is going on 3ls3wh3r3!

Also, this is wh3r3 to ch3ck out if your host is around! xd I may have to st3p out from tim3 to tim3, for things lik3 food and sl33p xd But I'm hoping that my co-hosts will b3 around during som3 of th3s3 tim3s!

6/9/2007 1pm PST - And the Ball is finally liv3! W3lcom3 3v3ryon3!

6/9/7007 9:30pm PST - 3li has l3ft for the night. You might s33 h3r co-hosts throughout th3 next 9 hours, but th3r3 probably won't b3 much going on in th3 way of 3v3nts smile F33l fr33 to hang out and chat though, as door priz3s will still b3 award3d for posts mad3 during the night!

6/10/2007 7:30am PST - 3li is back onlin3! And is gonna go do som3 door priz3s!

6/10/2007 1:30pm PST - W3'v3 just r3ci3v3d a transmission!!

-Bzzzt- This is an important announcement from policebot unit "TVC15_Omega". Yesterday a number of arsons occured several miles away from the ball, and we beleive the criminal came here to hide. -Bzzt- With the help of a number of dedicated Gaians, we have apprehended several suspects, and will be interviewing them to gather further clues in roughly one hour. These interviews will be posted in the journals of myself and my fellow policebot, RBT12_Alpha. Any information you can gather about these arsons is appreciated.

-Terminate Message-

6/10/2007 9pm PST - Eli has to go cause she's got work the next day. But Josh should still be around for awhile, and may even pick some more door prize winners before heading out himself. But we'll be back tomorrow to finish up the rest of the door prizes and wrap this thing up!

6/11/2007 8:30am PST - Eli has returned, sorta. She'll be in and out all day, as she's at work, and work comes before Gaia. We're hoping to see the co-hosts show up throughout the day as well!

6/12/2007 6am PST - Check out the after party thread just in case this place locks down sometime soon!
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User Image

User ImageAs I mentioned earlier, I'm your host for this weekend's Chaos Room festivities. For those of you who don't know me, I can normally be found in the Profile Discussion forum on Gaia, though I roam about the Minishops forum and the Gaia Community Discussion forum quite often. I'm a cast member of Gaiacast, and I run a few profile related threads, including a guide and a shop smile Oh, and this is the first time I've majorly changed my avatar since Halloween rofl

User ImageJoshua S. is our first of two co-hosts. He was originally planning on hosting this room, with me as his co-host, but family obligations made it so he couldn't deveote enough of his time to this weekends events. But he should still hopefully be able to pop in from time to time, and make sure I'm doing a good job filling in for him!

And for those of you who don't know Josh, here's what he had to say about himself!

"I'm just your regular single loser type teenager who can't get a girlfriend for s**t cause of procrastination and laziness.
I'm a nice guy at times just at 2 o clock in the morning I get mean, but thats just in a few guilds.
I help a lot of people in Fishing and a few in the forums.
I like too role play war rp's and yeah I don't like any others as much."

User ImageAnother co-host is reddy2bplayd. She stepped in at the very last minute to help out since Josh doesn't know how available he will be this weekend.

For those of you who don't know Reddy, here's a little bit that she said about herself!

"Hi. I'm Reddy and probably no one here has heard of me, since mostly I hang around in guilds and only occasionally venture to the main forums for Picture Post and R&C. But I'm awesome. This is the first user run Gaia ball I've been to in my three and a half years on this site, so I'm pretty excited!"

User ImageOur final co-host of the weekend is Axmainian. Ax is just crazy enough to be able to cope with the Chaos room quite well, so I aksed him to help out!

And if you don't know Ax, here's what he thinks you should know about him!

"Hello thar I am teh AXMAINIAN, you must phear meh, because I am me and you are you, thus i am who I am, and not you! Nah wa ha ha ha. But thats me. English, And not crazy. it's those bastards squirrells that keep starting trouble. I lurk in the GCD, GCP and the testing forum, because all the funs in there. Oh that, and I've run Gaia's biggest podcast for the past year and a bit. luff meh! <3"
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User Image

What better way to display chaos on an avatar than to pile on as many items as you possibly can?

So that's what this contest is all about.

The person wearing the most items at the time of judging will win a March 2007 letter + 10,000g

Winner Steampunk Patashu with an amazing 87 items!

taka9tori - 25
Bloody Valentines - 29
Jehobo - 22
rinandkoga4ever - 28
Amane Kawazoe - 21
Maverick Tears. - 16
X_Chaotic_Patryn_X - 25
wizz1029 - 11
Skitzylove - 14
jeannetta - 46
allikow - 47
waterfae9 - 12
M i i m z 0 r z - 11
janleeblack - 43
~Kitten-The-Great~ - 21
Shigures Editor - 25
DarthMew - 48
dragontamertc - 48
nikki_is_me - 8
Rukia Kuchiki500 - 18
Amane Kawazoe - 31
K y o F o o c h a - 25
mczoomster - 22
heyy13 - 50
Simgirlie - 54
[-Leixlaes-] - 50
dassi - 22
The king of nothing - 17
hannn0001 - 28
kirleykiwi - 45
Kagome Tendo - 22
Der Kindernacht - 60
[PWG] Ruin x - 59
Ember1993 - 7
Gaara_no_Ai - 30
[-Somehwat Blue -] - 45
Oxymoronic Username - 5
Broken-Hair - 7
Ayumi Masamune - 57
JHiddenAgenda - 47
Suuchi - 37
Murderous_steve - 13
hetan - 20
Xxjoey_zachxX - 8
thunderstuck13 - 10
ja dragon1 - 34
sindianna - 9
~The_angel_of_hope~ - 9
Mirray - 29
AnimeMonkey - 52
Yay Izumi - 41
istaria1914 - 5
fear23 - 10
Candy-Came - 3
Chocobo River Chick - 28
giocar - 8
Tyro Revenge - 8
~~The-Ydslexai-Fairy^^ - 16
Darkcat7 - 44
thegirmmerie - 24
demonic bunny wabbit - 38
Kir-chan - 34
poundpuppy34 - 34
spork_ai - 73
sup-qt - 69
Doctor Kes - 37
sYsTeMaTiCcHaOs - 53
cutie-pie000049 - 20
kiyannabermu - 13
Kiwee - 62
EmoJerseyGirl - 56
Moonflayme - 27
shinigami29 - 25
Li junai - 56
bryce45 - 8
LaurenDarkfire - 29
Rune_Alchemist_Kaori - 61
Kyora - 48
Maggie - 45
Mexican yoshi - 18
Teddy Super Nova - 59
zevios - 12
D3monShadowTheMonarch - 48
KwAzY_gUrL - 59
Dazee - 51
Sanraizu - 25
Sheiko - 32
KupoWrath - 29
tigerstar16 - 31
Kenaka_Elric - 23
Argentum Corvus - 24
ayumi02 - 19
Nura Nukara - 25
Delirium of the Endless - 23
Steampunk Patashu - 87
kniner - 53
GaaraCutie - 35
reapgod2 - 7
xnarutoxteethx - 20
Morra Sutherland - 43
BitteGibMirGift - 30
Xw2904 - 43
ookami_spirit - 15
7gate lee - 12
MonCherie - 68
kyubi-eric - 19
rabid uke - 23
aznmentalmidget - 28
Sam_Astar - 25
Kirsten_7767 - 20
purple richie - 42
Yummy_Morphina - 45
no one to love - 7
Rembrandts_Angel - 75
tei-ru - 59
fishy asparagus - 72
malikushka - 7
pottersprincess - 33
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User Image

Well this has been a staple at past Gaia Balls. Basically, each room that wishes to participate picks one guy and one gal to represent their room in a best overall contest.

Voting will start soon and will go until 12pm PST (GMT- 8:00), at which point the top male avatar and top female avatar will be determined, and will be sent off to the Mr & Mrs Annual Ball contest.

Both the top male and top female will be awarded a March 2007 letter and 10,000g

Each of the other 8 contestants who were chosen from the pool of applicants will recieve 1,000g

Congrats to Mr & Mrs Chaos
User Image and User Image
ChinoMahouTsukai and Hitomi Katsumi

And congrats to our other 8 finalists!
  1. x_x_chained_angel_x_x
  2. bladed_jin
  3. [in. my. pants.]
  4. lusfer
  5. Malizeron Punjab
  6. a u r i i
  7. calimport
  8. little trouble girl

Prizes will be sent out over the course of this next week smile
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User Image

We've put together 15 trivia questions relating to Gaia and it's users and we're putting you to the test!

The questions will be asked in three sets of 5.

If you think you know the answer, PM Elicorpse with your guess! Do not PM my main account please, I don't want to lose your guess in my inbox!

If you're having trouble with the questions, try doing some reasearch. Some helpful resources would be the Newsroom, the user run Plotwiki, the forums themselves, and searching tagged topics.

The first person to answer correctly will get 5 points, the second will get 4, the third will get 3, the fourth will get 2, and the fifth will get 1 point.

At the end of the round (after 5 questions have been correctly answered), the person with the most points will recieve 10k. If for whatever reason there are multiple people with the same number of points, the 10k will be split evenly among them.

Once you have won a round, you are no longer eligible to win future trivia rounds.

Question 1. Which NPCs showed up in 2005, and were never seen again after that year?
Answer: the Von Helsons

Question 2. Which admin was the first to make the transition from regular user to admin?
Answer: Jakobo

Question 3. Who hosted the First Annual User Ball?
Answer: Misao

Question 4: How many times has Gambino's mansion needed major repairs?
4 times: when it was destroyed with the g-virus, when the tower fell, when the mansion burned down, and when the alien fell through the roof

Question 5: When was the Blue Magical Giftbox introduced?
April 1st, 2004

Final: Sugar Slave: 12 points -- winner

Gamine: 10 points
[-Somewhat Blue-]: 10 points
Ayumi Masamune: 7 points
sup-qt: 7 points
Flaming_TriForce: 5 points
SykotikKytten: 5 points
BitteGibMirGift: 5 points
o~Angelin~o: 4 points
BitteGibMirGift: 4 points
Sila-Chan: 2 points
Faeriserena: 2 points
ashenpheonix: 1 point
Erika27: 1 point


Question 1: When was the First Annual Ball held?
March 7, 2003

The First ANNIVERSARY Ball was held February 18, 2004

Question 2: What was the first major Gaia Newspaper?
Answer: The GAIA Times

Question 3: What event occured in 2004, but hasn't occured since?
The Gaia Olympics

Question 4: When was the Pink Magical Giftbox introduced?
At the First Annual Ball

Question 5: Why was Edmund disqualified in the Gaia Olympics?
He was distracted by his weakness, women

Final: D3monShadowTheMonarch: 20 points -- winner

SykotikKytten: 13 points
Calo: 8 points
Flaming_TriForce: 5 points
YumeAkuma: 4 points
BitteGibMirGift: 4 points
*Lumia*: 3 points
Kayla Is Loved: 3 points
ToxicTearSs: 3 points
x_X_Chained_Angel_X_x: 2 points
Pacifica san: 2 points
pinkanime14: 2 points
~mainstream.deviant~: 1 point
InuBishounen: 1 point
Sarah_Sweetheart7: 1 point

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User Image

Throughout the weekend, we'll be giving random door prizes!

We've got 30 prize packages waiting to be handed out to random visitors of this thread!

But here's the catch! We won't be telling you what post you have to make in order to win! That just makes people spam!

Instead, we will be using Gaia's random number generator to choose the winners.

We will post once to pick a random number between 1 and the current page number (give or take, depending on how fast the thread moves while this post is being made). One of the 15 posters on this page will be the winner. Once that number is determined, we will post a second time to pick a random number between 1 and 15 to determine which post on that page is the winner.

If the winning post belongs to a host or co-host of this room or any other room, someone who has already won a door prize, or is a blatant spam post, the prize will go to the following eligibile poster.

1. hinata_16 - Mantis Mask & 1000g
2. SinfullMind - Alien Mask & 4000g
3. Squiishy - Nurses Hat & 2000g
4. YamiKreuz - Howling Ghost Sheet & 5000g
5. The Yaoi God - Dumb Ghost Sheet & 3500g
6. Ringir - Cool Sporty Starter Shirt & 2000g
7. Bang Bang Dead - Cool Punk Starter Top & 1000g
8. `mus - White carnation: black bouquet with yellow ribbon & 5000g
9. ChinoMahouTsukai - Z Blox & 3000g
10. Isaac_the_slicer - Easter Bunny Shirt & 2000g
11. tawaini-aya-hime - Cool Punk Starter Pants & 1000g
12. Ryuu-Yamiko - 10,000g
13. terminal.romance - Blue Stockings & 1500g
14. M i i m z 0 r z - Deluxe Yellow Daffodil: Green Bouquet with Yellow Ribbon & 1000g
15. [ Harlequin ] - Spirited 2k6 Boots & 7000g
16. Sarah_Sweetheart7 - Purple Daisy: Blue Boquet with Black Ribbon & 2000g
17. ` K a w i - Castaway Rust Boots & 5000g
18. pyromaniac-chan - Spirited 2k6 Scarf & 3000g
19. x_X_Chained_Angel_X_x - Labu Neckalce & 10000g
20. Tasheren - Mimzy & 3500g
21. Alien_094 - 4th Anniversary Super Roman Candle & 5000g
22. kuro_ichigo - 4th Anniversary Blue Roman Candle & 3000g
23. Moonflayme - 10000g
24. Oxymoronic Username - Cool Start Lamp & 4000g
25. MissKaos - Single Pink Daffodil: Black Bouquet & 3500g
26. Demonoki - Single White Carnation: Brown Bouquet & 5000g
27. willofair - Warm Started Bed & 5000g
28. Music In My Eyes - Black Retro TV & 4000g
29. InsaneChoco - Warm Starter Plant & 5000g
30. jeannetta - White Carnation: Yellow Bouquet with Brown Ribbon & 3000g
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User Image

There's nothing like gatherings of Gaians to bring out the stuff that memories are made of. Here, we'll be keeping track of some of the memorable stuff that goes down in this room!
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Welcome welcome everyone!
User Image
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We can post now? o: Yay for gaia annual ball. ^_^

edit: first post~! <3

My first time at the annual ball, and I enjoyed it muchly. <3 Thanks for it all, Gaia and everyone who made it happen! ;D <3
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Romantic Reveler


X3 <3
This will be my first annual (That I've attended).

Freakin sweet.
No cybering? crying
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Of course none of that.
*giggles* Oi! Eli! Nice place!

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