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long live the zurg!!!! pirate
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How is everyone doing?


me is a ok i guess, i am around fishys so yay
hello hello
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Guess who's gonna tektek a Altanis theme person?

You 4laugh

You're a good guesser!
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Cool banner thing. smile
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This sounds interesting! I want to draw, but I'm not sure if I should try for the avatar or poster...hmm.... sweatdrop
...§ħα££Σ ßε §ªη§ αηδ 럧Σε?

Can I enter my current avvie for the best mermaid contest? What's an underwater world with enforcers of the law? ^_^

Ќª¥¸ ¥µ ßε ħΣ §ªη, αηδ ´££ εª ħΣ εατħΣ§...
i think ill try to join heart
=O! an aqua art thread? I'm going to like it cool ...^^ Hi!
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In the Igloo
Ah, and now the entries are coming in. Can't wait to see them all. 3nodding
Nice pirate avi biggrin

Sweetness! Sounds like nice idea.
The Peanut Smuggler
Really? ;D

I want to be Mrs. Annual Ball or whatever really bad... I was here before most of the other people. I started clicking the link to here before it opened. XD

Unfortunately, I don't have any guys with me to be a guy pirate. Can I just enter by myself? >o>; XD

-Goes off to look for good pirate guys-

~You could just tektek a guy to go with your avi, but they have to be a set. It's a Ball-wide thing. ^^
OH! Ok then. Like, almost the same, only male?

I thought the male had to be a real person. XD

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