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Thank You Letter For May 2007 Thank You Letter For March 2007 Thank You Letter For Jan 2007 Thank You Letter For Feb 2007 Thank You Letter For April 2007 Sealed Envelope 06/2007
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Update Read This!
As the event draws to a close I'm busys finishing things up. Because some of the contests end after the event does I won't be able tp post results here. So I will be posting them at my charity Strange Muffins. I invite you all to hang out at the charity once the event ends, I'm sure my charity regulars will be happy to see some new faces. So to recap, check my charity for contest results once the event ends.


I’m Nat and giveaway threads are always one of my favorite places to hang out and I’ve met some of my best friends on Gaia in giveaway threads. So the last few months I’ve been setting aside letters so I’d be able to hold a giveaway of my own for the ball. This is a giavaway were the more you talk with other people, the higher your chance of winning something. Everyone has a chance of winning, even if you come in at the last minute. I held a giveaway at the 4th Anniversary Gaia event called Lots of Letters and now I just opened a charity called Strange Muffins, so thus the name of this thread.

Letter Giveaway
All you have to do is be active in the thread and have fun. I don’t mean bumping though. I want to give letters to people who hold conversations and know that Gaia is about more than getting items. You can talk to anyone in the thread and have just as much chance of winning than if you talk to me. Although I’m highly egotistical and love compliments, try to keep the sucking up to a minimum. Winners will be decided around the end of this event. I’ll pick the winners by using a random number post to pick a page number from this month and then pick someone off that page. That way it's random and up to luck but at the same time I have some control over who gets the letter. I just want to make sure nice people get the letters, not just someone who only posts bump. I will always give out a letter to someone on the randomly chosen thread unless there are nothing but bumps on the page or the only conversation is extreamly mean. I plan to give out a letter from each month from this year (the ones that are already out, not the future ones).

Random mini Giveaway

Every once and a while I’ll hold mini giveaways with small prizes of gold and items. When I’m holding one I’ll post the rules, a time limit, and a question. You’ll have the set amount of time to answer the question. Anyone who answers is entered and a winner is picked with a random number generator. When you answer the question a few sentences is fine. Also I ask that you quote my post with the question in it (in its’ entirety) so I can find your answer easily, and so everyone will know what’s going on.

Q: What is a fruit you like and why?
A: I like watermelon because it tastes so good in the summer.

AS you can see the questions aren’t hard. Their purpose is to see who is active in the thread at the time of the giveaway. Also they help everyone get to know each other. If there is ever a question about something you don’t like or don’t know about, just answer you don’t like or know about it.

Sincerely Miss Nat
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Art Contest
See post 5

First to Page #
I will count the first person as the first post that is not a bump/emote
The first person on page 42 will get 500 gold
The first person on page 100 will get 500 gold
The first person on page 142 will get 1k
The first person on page 242 will get 2k
The first person on page 420 will get a secret prize if they get why it's a special number
The first person on page 542 will get a letter

Warning, my trivia is really, really odd ^_~ I write it so if you're going to google/wiki it you at least have to work at it. The questions are from movies/books/TV/and other random stuff. A few you have to guess at, sorry. Questions are in a post below. PM your anwsers to me and whoever gets the most right by the end of the event wins a letter.

Mascot Art Contest
Draw my Sidekick and mascot Mr. Tentcal Monster. You can draw just him or him with anyone from the thread. Look at the post about him to see what he looks like.

Contest ends: August 1st

Funniest: June letter
My favorite: June letter

PM entries to my mule Miss Mastermind

Most posts
The person with the most posts in the thread by the end of the event will win 1k. Again, posts shouldn't be bumps So start numbering your posts ^_~

Roll 20 20 sided dice and get 380 or higher and win a letter from the current month. You must be having a conversation though, no bumps/emotes unless there is no one else in the thread at the time. If you win it just pm me the page number it happened on.

Last Post
Last post in the thread get a June 07 letter ^_~
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The rules are

Be nice
Try not to bump
Follow the rules of Gaia
Try not to beg, it only lessens your chances

The rules are simple so please try to follow them. It's not hard, I promise. If you can't follow the rules I'll give you a warning. If you continue to break the rules I'll have no choice but to put you on my ignor list. If I do that you won't be able to post in the thread any more. To this day I have yet to add anyone so please let me keep it that way, I would be sad if I had to add someone to the ignor list.

Simple yes?

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Mr. Tentacle Monster is my side kick and now he is the thread mascot. He is a seven tentacled monster of a lovely shade of coral. He is about the size of a person. He is not an octopus. He wants some art too.

Art is here

Contest entries
that hanyou girl
Keiko no Tenshi

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I love being drawn, it makes me really happy. I'm sure everyone in the thread likes it too. So if you have any artistic talent would you mind sharing it?

Art Contest
I love getting art I’m holding an art contest with a first place prize of a December 06 and a letter from this year of your choice. Depending on turn out there may be more prizes. Just draw a picture of one of the avatars bellow and pm it to MissMastermind. I give you complete artist license to change the avatars anyway you like as long as they stay recognizable. I’ll be judging based one which picture I personally like best, so all levels of talent have a chance. I like pictures with personality <3 Good luck. You have untill August 1st to send in your entries. You can enter once for each avatar if you really want to, and if for some reason you want to enter a second picture for the same avi pm me and we'll talk.

If for some reason you do decide to draw me these are my favorite avis for art. Although anything you see me wearing is fine too ^_^

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User Image
User Image
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Triviapm me your anwsers
#1 When I rate avatars I like to go to 11. Why? (My friend disowned me for this gonk xD)

#2 What does a spleen do?

#3 Who thinks greed is good?

#4 What is the average air speed of a swallow?

#5 Who is HRG?

#6 What classic play was turned into a movie and in the movie the charater who was supose to look like a famous actor was actualy played by that actor?

#7 What classic movie involves a dispute between a mexican official and american officer along the mexican border?

#8 In the movie Seven, how was the killer picking his victims?

#9 What comic is about the man from room 5?

#10 What do Bill and Ted do?

#11 Who went inside Martin Short (not naughty)?

#12 Why do you have to be careful about stepping out your door?

#13 One of my favorite books was made into a sifi anime. What book?

#14: What popular manga is about two people with the same name?

#15: It's just a hop the left and then a?

#16: What is my favorite epithelium?

#17: An old British TV show that took place in a different time each season, the characters being reborn again and again?

#18: Who is dearly devoted and has dark dreams?

#19: Who turns into a pig when splashed with could water?

#20: A crime fighter who wears a mask that looks like a popular psychology test?

#21: Derk gets stuck being what for a year of entertaining tourists?

#22: Longest non medical word?

#23: Who dropped turkys at thanksgiving?

#24: Confused? You won't be after next weeks episode of?

#25: What is my user name from?

What's Been Given Out Thus Far
any letters are in edition to the main ones being given away

taitran2002: 500 gold
Citohysp: 200 gold
[Adsertoris]: 500 gold
Saint Timmy9999: 1000
Raging_Blazing_Fire7: May 07 letter
Akatsuki----Kisame: April 07 letter
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Generous Friend

Whee open!

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Hello :]
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Hey everyone!!! mrgreen
whee Open

Hi hi.
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Welcome everyone ^_^

Sincerely Miss Nat
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How is everybody?
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Ahaha xD

How's everyone...?
Been better. You guys?

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