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Should I ask a mod to move this thread to the Art Freebies forum?

Yes. 0.72277227722772 72.3% [ 73 ]
No. 0.27722772277228 27.7% [ 28 ]
Total Votes:[ 101 ]
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Tony-Ahn =3
Strawberry Lemonade`

So how is everyone?
I'm medium well how are you? :]
Mmm, medium well. =o
I'm pretty good.
Looking at Caturday pictures.
They make me giggleh. x33
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Yay for balls. XD

But like everyone else, it snuck up on me too. .-.; It makes for a neat surprise though.
ohmigawd, squeeee~ =]
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Wheezing Phantom

This is the key that makes us wind up~

Hello and good luck with managing this thread. ;D
Sin-Jin Smyth
Hi there. surprised

I'm gonna give away a few free sketches of avatars, so stick around and chat with me and other people. <3 You can draw too, if you like!

surprised Have fun.

---> Sample of a coloured piece, although these won't be coloured.

ive never been to one of these "balls"
so what do you do in these?

You just chill out and wait for the plot to update. For the most part. In past balls I think there were items given out by NPC's but it looks like we won't be having that this year.
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heart -smiles- There needs to be more artists out there that are just willing to give away free arts . <3;
I give away free art every so often and trust me.
It makes someones day sometimes.. -nods-
Sin-Jin Smyth
Free art is always good. heart whee
Pretty avi~.

Pretty art~

Can you see a connection here? ;D <33
surprised I think I can.
*shuffles in* ^w^ lovely stuff, sir

**edit: attacks her post
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    So, how are you people today? :]
I would really love to draw, but my scanner doesn't want to work >.>"

crying I feel your pain.

I haven't done avi art in a LONG time. xd

I've been doing avvie art and giving it away to random people. ~Except now since my scanner's busted~
Except my friend always steals the real copy.
So, how are you all?
I love this art.

Instant orgasms.
Strawberry Lemonade`

So how is everyone?

Awesome-tastic. 3nodding
I'd do some art too, but my scanner seems to dislike me...

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