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Should I ask a mod to move this thread to the Art Freebies forum?

Yes. 0.72277227722772 72.3% [ 73 ]
No. 0.27722772277228 27.7% [ 28 ]
Total Votes:[ 101 ]
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whoa, this is one fast thread. i'll draw a 2-minute doodle on Opencanvas for someone....randomly. biggrin

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Wheezing Phantom

i am casanova


Hisui isn't helping with the page count problem. C:

xd Yes! Darn those theives!
I need to try and fix mine D;

Good luck! scream

I hesitate to try and draw something on the computer - I have only a touchpad. *snickers* whee

Wow, this thread is moving insanely fast. eek

I'm getting dizzy! >_<
When I try to draw someone on the computer I always think it looks extremely weird. o_o''
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Yeah.. This one's at my house. @___@ But at least I'm not babysitting eight kids like last time. Just two. :3


I just get tan. Then people wonder what nationality I am. xDDD; ("What nationaliy are you?" "o____o Umm, Taiwanese?" "HA. TOLDYOU!" "(othergirl) But I though she was Filipino!" "O______O;;;" wink

Ahaha. I have to watch like.. 15 kids during this next week. :'D

Yay, for only having to watch two, though.

Lucky! D: I burn and then tan a little.. I guess that's better than just burning and staying pale.
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gonk emo

I love your username. heart

This comment is in agreement with my state of mine. 3nodding
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I can't keep up with this thread. I feel dizzy now. @.@

yeah well...I've been playing GH upside down T.T so much blood is in my head......-falls down- im ok....
Ack. Don't do that. All that blood doesn't belong up there! X.x
Strawberry Lemonade`
Purple Hair Spray
Strawberry Lemonade`
gonk emo

I love your username. heart
scream heart
Nitroglycerific Rainbow
You know, it's because it says free art that there are so many people. XD
On top of the fact that it's good art, not thirty second sketches.

I wonder if how our avi looks affects the odds of us getting art. ;3;
Hmm... I bet if you've got a lot of crap on your avi, it's much harder to draw, so an artist wouldn't want to draw your avi.
Alchina Starr
I love the fact that both of your eyes (the art's eyes, not yours xD ) are both looking in one direction, or at one object.

It sounds like a strange thing to admire, but it's the one thing I can nevernevernever accomplish on my arts.
I just end up faking out and putting hair over the eye or something. x]
surprised I used to do that.
Then one day I said, "******** this, I'm going to DO IT RIGHT." and it took me a few days, but I got it. :'D
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Minjonet the Marionette
there be so many persons >.< *hides her popping tart*
    I want the popping tart! Dx
minjimin// :'DDDD -huggles- <3

I am soooo confused!

I'm worried about how fast Nyo's thread'll be. CRUUUD. xDD;
Minjonet the Marionette
*nibbles on a popping tart* o(^_^)0
    Pop tart? : D

o_o *stuffs the rest in her mouth* what pop tart?
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That's good. =)
I'm okay. In a kinda tired and lazy mood, though. I had a stressful week of school.
Had finals or something~?
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Since I'm only in seventh grade, it was only math finals.
That was Wednesday.
Let's just say that Thursday ended with me crying in front of two different teaches. sweatdrop My friend guessed it was just an emotional break-down.

ah a seventh grader. heart
User Image

...is that a bad thing?

the heart at the end of my statement should have given you an indication that no its not a bad thing....As for me, 7th grade was a long time ago.
Can I have a free avy art? Q____Q I find your technique awesome. And maybe I could help too.
I wish I could draw...

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