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Should I ask a mod to move this thread to the Art Freebies forum?

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User ImageHi there. I'm gonna give away a few free sketches of avatars, so stick around and chat with me and other people. <3 You can draw too, if you like! surprised Have fun.

<--- Sample of the way I draw.

I'm going to give away 1 coloured piece!
If this thread gets to page 555 by the end of the Ball, I will pick one person from between pages 550 and 555 to draw. Now, you only have to post ONCE within those five pages to get it, so don't bump every 45 seconds between those pages thinking you'll get a better chance. Give everyone a fair chance, okay? Thanks!

The page number is pretty high, I know. But a fully coloured headshot takes me a good solid five hours of work at the very least, hence why if you check my shop, they're priced at 50k+. I know it might be a lot to ask to get to page 555, and if all else fails and the thread doesn't look like it'll get that far, I'll lower it to page 400 or something on Sunday.

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Still have to Draw:
    Page 300: Nicky621
    Page 350: [.The Rejected Spork.]
    Page 400: Akatsuki Dragon
    Page 450: Kalio
    Page 500: Tenvoid_Derlock


Post people, post! There's a coloured freebie to
be had on pages 550 - 555! Usually, you'd have
to pay 50,000 or more for that. So post away!

I'm opening up a sister thread to this that will be in the Art Freebies subforum. This is so we can continue to enjoy each other's free arts and conversations and whatnot even after this even forum is closed down. ^_^ If you're interested in it, please click here!
Nice art but I quitted gaia DX
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I would draw along, unfortunately I lack the right software. D:
Nice art :3
Nice art but I quitted gaia DX
Then why are you here?
Hi! heart

Bleen? wait, wrong website.

Anyway, I'd draw people if I had a decent scanner or photoshop at my disposal. Alas.
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Y halo thar. <3 ;D
Free art is always good. heart whee
You should draw me. :]
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    Hello. ^___^

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when people don't express themselves...
Hi all!

= D
...they die alittle, on the inside.

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Tony-Ahn =3
<3! yay!~
surprised Your avatar's hair looks like your hair.
Cool. x3

Very nice art. heart
Very cute drawing. : ) Good luck with your thread. <3

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