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Anyone want to be my date?

I will
im up to dance with anyone .i have a boyfriend but im not gonna go any serious with who i dance with.
who wants to be my date for this....uh moment?
im lost O.o
walks in any ladies want to dance

me heart
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Geeh more and more spam ._.' i'm almost happy from being banned, so i could stop seeing this for awhile, then i come back and it looks as bad as always..pretty much worse ..gah the good old days

u idiot
Yet, i still have a better grammar than you, well you might have a better one, but your not using it and that makes you look like an idiot.
And you can see that the people rather trying to role play does the same thing like everyone did years ago, normally the sad, the shy, the silent, the hyper people ._.' it's always "-Siigh- no one wants to talk to me" and they keep saying that untill someone talks to them!


I know! And if it were a real life situation, they'd already be on the dance floor making fun of people who were sitting in a corner moping.
Hiya everyone~!
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~walks in and dances~
*gose and leans on a wall drinking her drink watching the other people*
another stupid dance that i find my self at for no reason...
sits in a corner drinking blood wishing he had someone to dance with

*sits by you*
hello and u are?

Bunny, and yourself?
Hmm this is pretty boring.
*walks up to the dance floor and begins breakdancing*
*sneaks chocolate-covered strawberries at the dessert table*

Those look good. Hah.

They are good. x3

*steals some from the desert table* Yeah, you're right. They're good. xD

Lol! xD Wait-whats this? Ice cream? *oogles at the ice cream* Knowing my luck, I'd drop some on my dress...
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walks in & leans against the wall watching the ppl dance

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