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News: The winners of the giveaway have been announced ^^;; Read the second post for more information! I am not sure whether I will continue hosting the Gaian Annual Ball in Towns this year. I will surely do so again next year, of course! In fact, if I'm REALLY lucky, I will try to get a sticky next year! This would mean *tons* of more prizes to give out ^.^;;

You can now have the fun of the Gaian Annual Ball in Gaia Towns! ^^;; The subtopics of the Annual Ball have been created in Gaia Towns, at the given addresses below. I hope to see you guys there!

^.^;; The topics should not appear in the recent topics list for several hours after they are created.

^.^;; Topics have a limited life time. Generally around 6 hours, so I will be re-creating the topics every 6 hours, if possible.

^.^;; Any help is appreciated! (Topics are 2k each)

Curent Locations:

ALL TOPICS WILL BE CREATED OVER A SPREAD OUT TIME PERIOD. These are the locations that they were originally created at. Making the topics all at once led to them being deleted all at the same time ^^;;

The Garden of Eden: 1 Barton 001054

Museum Of Atlantis: 2 Barton 001054

The Light Room: 3 Barton 001054

The Chaos Room: 4 Barton 001054

5th Annual Ball: 5 Barton 001054

The Dark Room: 6 Barton 001054

The Blazing Combustion Room: 7 Barton 001054

The Artificial Room: 8 Barton 001054

Elegant Tempest Room: 9 Barton 001054



1st) 50k
2nd) 30k
3rd) 20k

How to Win:

If I see you in Towns, and you hang around this topic, there's a chance that you might be given 50k, 30k, or 20k at the end of the Annual Ball ^^;; The Prize Will Never Lower! There's Guaranteed to Be a Winner! In fact, there's 3!

Unfortunately, it's not so easy to simply randomize the winner when I don't have a list of Towns visitors, and because of this, I will *manually* pick the winner. For higher chances of winning, follow the rules described in this thread while you're in Gaia Towns.

In order for there to be a higher chance of me seeing you, please hang out either in the main topic or look to see if we mention our current topic in our most recent posts (me and a few of the regulars here group together in different topics sometimes).

When you will get your Prize:

Your prize will be delivered to you on the 15th at the latest. You will be notified of winning on the 11th, but it won't be received until then. The waiting time is for several reasons. Negotiations may take place, I may give out more prizes, I may want to clarify on the winner's motives, etc. ^^;;

1st Prize: FEDKite - 50k Gold!

2nd Prize: PorkChopVII - 30k Gold!

3rd Prize: DelicateEnvy - 20k Gold!

Secret 4th Prize!: Hinata-kuonichi - 5k Gold!


ilovepets4ever - 1k Gold!

Sabriel Orion - 1k Gold!

Orien Sindale - 1k Gold!

Urban.Legends - 1k Gold!

Mr. Eccentricity - 1k Gold!

tica_gemini - 1k Gold!

As stated above, I will PM each and every one of you, and you will receive your prize on the 15th of this month! ^^;; Thank you for your participation! biggrin

Also, please visit the HCGT, which is a group I own who's goal is to help clean up Gaia Towns from Spam, Cybering, and other problems it has! We (I) sponsored the event ^^;;
^.^;; Reserved
^.^;; Reserved
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This forum's moving too fast, sadly. I'll try again later when it cools down a bit, unless I get some help in promoting this (I don't like bumping).
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