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I remember when you used to get 10 gold from polls all the time.

Thats how 'poll whores' came around. 0.40521327014218 40.5% [ 1026 ]
But now theres really no point to being a poll whore 0.13388625592417 13.4% [ 339 ]
Or even having a poll whore option in polls. 0.089257503949447 8.9% [ 226 ]
:[ 0.3716429699842 37.2% [ 941 ]
Total Votes:[ 2532 ]
ok let the gift giving begin
since this is my first "Ball" is there any special limited gaia item being released for celebration, or is it just the generocity of our fellow gaians?

im guessing a little bit of both
Gift Giving In The 5th Annual Ball

run by Kira_the_neko :]

So, we all know how there is most likely not going to be items given out during this Gaian run event. Well, that doesnt mean we can't get cool things for/from OTHER Gaians!!

You may have heard about (or been in) a thread called "Give Gifts Secretly" run by [Heyind] (Link), well this is the same type of thing. You give gifts to people and they give gifts to you! its very simple, and very fun! :]

::How To Give A Gift::

The FUN way to gift people

1.Go to your inventory.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

2.When your there, click the item you want to give.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

3.Click on the 'Give As Gift' button,
and then
::fill out the following form::
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Then it will ask you if your totally sure, and just click 'yes'. The person resiving the gift will get a massage in there inbox stating that they just got a gift.

The LAZY way to give gifts
is by just trading to people. i think that takes the thrill out of the giving since you dont get to open a present, but oh well :]

:: The Stupid Rules::

0. Three letters: TOS
1. DONT SAY YOU ARE ONLY ACCEPTING ONE TYPE OF ITEMS. You get what people give you and nothing else.
2. NO begging for itemsin the thread or though PMs. The more you beg, the more people are NOT going to give to you.
3. Do not complain about how you lost your old account and want your items back, ESPECIALLY if you got banned. It is your fault, not ours.
4. Try to be respectful.
5. Love me? <3

::Things that Kira Likes Alot::

~Nice people
~Donation Items
~All Types Of Fish
~Old Cans, Brown Paper Bags, Old Tires, and Old Boots

P.S. I always try to give back fairly when i get gifted. Why dont you do the same? :]

Kira loves all of you!

I want the ballon biggrin

balloons are dangerous young ladeh >:O

Oh no, I have to say what I want? Oh anything would be nice heart

yesh a gift is a gift and what makes it a gift is its free xD
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I gave one!
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I don't really havethat much to give.....I spent all my gold on my avi!
Sounds fun. I'll give a gift to someone. =]

yay! i may just gift to you for being nice :]
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I've never done this before, I gave gifts but not like this heart what a good idea

well thankyou but its not really MY idea. like i said, it started in a diff thread :3

Oh not sure I've seen kind of sad to get nothing though crying
lady yanagi
I gave one!

thank yous!!!! 4laugh i shall give u a gift too yay me xD
Hairzilla wants art.

Hairzilla has given a gift to someone else. It makers her fell nice.
Click --->
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
4 Leaf Clover Pin Baby Chicky Bachelors Cap Blue Paper Cat Band Blue Paper Crown Chubbi Chicky Detective Kit Detective's Flashlight Detective's Magnifier Framed Gaia Artwork #20 Framed Gaia Artwork #18 Framed Gaia Artwork #18 Framed Gaia Artwork #20 Gold Mountain Tie (red heart) Lucky 4Leaf Clover Mimzy Prisoner's Pants Red Paper Crown
hey everyone whats up?
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so...we just give a gift to random people in here?
I sent one
Thanks for the gift Kira
ive given one so far yay

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