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(This is the Ball-event thread for the breedables shop above! Please click the link and visit, if you aren't familiar with us already.)

Among the many twisting hallways and various themed areas of the Ball, there is to be found one medium-sized room rented out specifically by GeNtech Laboratories. The room itself isn't spectacularly decorated; whomever the host is seems to be content enough with a temporary sign affixed outside the door, a simple table set up at the back with punch, drinks and food, and a multitude of plastic chairs set up around the inside perimeter. Various posters are hung, from the main logo of GeNtech itself (the largest one!) to smaller, more detailed ones graphing vague details of Project LAYHR, Layhr anatomy and physiology, and stats about the company itself.

On a smaller side table is a guestbook, as well as a small brochure for those unfamiliar with GeNtech's work.

Soft music from the main ballroom can be heard through the walls, but for the most part, this room is a nice place to get away from the bustle of the Ball- a place to sit, chat, and socialize for staff and handlers alike.

Above all, please be polite to everyone here! If there is trouble, the host will handle it; otherwise, there is no reason for anyone to do anything but have fun. 3nodding

1) Please NO SPAMMING OR BUMPING! This thread is for conversation only.

2) RPing is allowed, but be aware that we expect you to follow one simple rule: NO GODMODING.

3) Understand that this thread is primarily for the Breedables shop listed above; as such, most of us already know eachother. However, that's certainly not to say we won't welcome new faces! As long as you're polite, there should be no problems.

4) If you participate in the contests, you must abide by all rules this thread states. In addition, if you win anything for the shop, you must be willing to follow the shop-rules, too.

5) Above all, don't whine or beg, or be a sore loser. Nobody likes that, and it will get you a one-way ticket to our ignore list.

What would a gathering like this be without contests and prizes of some sort? biggrin If you're interested, read on!


...what? You heard me right- this is a contest to see who can write the best piece of poetry relating to GeNtech and/or Project LAYHR! (Or if you really like, it could be about one of the staff members...)

It doesn't matter what type of poetry you go with, nor length; it doesn't have to be long! Whether you go with traditional, haiku, limericks, quartets; anything is fine. At the end of the event, the poems I like best win. 3nodding


Leave it up to chance, test your luck! There are three numbers that can net you a prize on the randomizer, so when you post, be sure to give it a try!

Set randomizer from 1-2000.

Winning numbers are:

If you get one of these, you get a prize! (It won't count if you're bumping or spamming, though. wink )


What could this be? Guess we'll have to wait to find out!


The part I'm sure everyone is curious about! We definitely have things to offer, though what you win will depend on the contest, if you're a shop regular, etc. ninja

But to give you an idea of some of the things in the prize pot, we have good-sized coupons off of custom Layhr, Layhr plushies, headshots (avatar, character, or layhr!), and quite possibly other things as well...
Claiming yet another~
One more!

Now you guys may post! biggrin

EDIT: Oh snapz, first non-mule/Matt post XD;;
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domokun heart SO NEED LAYHR OUTFIT. *goes to retrieve*
ninja !


I shall have to gussy up for the ball~ *tempted to do it GCS style*
I'm wearing my Ball outfit already :> Nothing screams party more than man-panties, rainbow toe-socks and a salmon scarf, after all~
Koko, something tells me you'd fit in just fine at the GCS. That style tends to be our official party garb, too. xd heart

*happily noms on everyone!*

-nommed- Might not be around much longer, though, depending on how things go >.>
Ahh! Welcome everybody! *is playing host for the duration of this event, in case you couldn't tell* It's good to see you all here. biggrin

Punch is over on the table in case anyone wants it. We've also got some cookies and cracker-type things, too.

If anyone needs anything, let me know! *straightens jacket* heart
I still say your pants don't match your shoes and jacket, boy >:V

Mmm, free food though -waddles to the punch table- CYBER-HIPPIE DEMANDS NOURISHMENT.
Oh shi- better shut up. Party, Koko, tyou're at a party. A social event. Be a good little cyber-hippie and behave!

-noms a cookie- :>
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Dangerous Gekko

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HAISYN!Layhr returns! *gnaws on Jimmy's pants, desu*

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