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User ImageI suck at these things, but I made this thread to draw gaians. I'll probably just make a headshot if you're avi is cluttered or semi-cluttered. Also they'll be plainly colored since I suck at coloring them. And if you want to get drawn by me make two posts then ask for art on the third. I'll have five slots open at a time so once the five slots get filled, there's no more room until those five are cleared. Here are some samples: [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

It's not that great but I need to practice to improve at least a bit.

Anyway for the ones that came for the sealed, there's going to be a small giveaway before the sealed is handed. If the giveaway proves to be succesfull then expect more prizes to come. In order to win a prize you must have posted at least 5 pages before the winning page, and there's no mules allowed on the contest. If you're found with one then you're getting banned from my thread. Have fun. ;D

First person to post on page 25 gets 10,000 gold.
Won by [Pixie.Paws], congratulations. ^-^

First person to post on page 50 gets 10,000 gold.
Won by Staplesauce, congratulations. ^-^

The tenth person to post on page 75 gets a 10,000 gold.
Won by Deficit, congratulations. ^-^

The fifteenth person to post on page 100 gets a sealed letter.
Won by bishi_neko. congratulations! ^-^

The seventh person to post on page 125 gets 10,000 gold.
Won by Empress_of_Time, congratulations! ^-^

The ninth person to post on page 150 gets 10,000 gold.
Won by dolly 14, congratulations! ^-^

The fifteenth post on page 175 gets 5,000 gold.
Won by ~Plagas Attrayante~, congratulations! ^-^

The fourth post on page 200 gets a sealed letter.
(NOTE: If there's any irregularities on the page, then I decide who gets the prize. Like if instead of 15 posts there are eleven posts on the whole page.)

The tenth post on page 225 gets 5,000 gold.

The tenth post on page 250 gets 10,000 gold.

1. bishi_neko
2. Empress_of_Time
3. Onio[n]Flavore[d]IceCream
4. Dark Vampiress Elf
5. impishremorse

Previous Work
1.- RedJoy [x]
First person to get drawn! ;D

2. Staplesauce7850 [x]
Oops, I did made quite a few mistakes like experimenting. I hate the eyes but I can't figure how to draw eyes. z.z

3. - Y u n a - [x]

Oh and I forgot to say I'll be experimenting, and I suck at eyes. Which would be a mayor experiment on the art I make, so I rather draw someone with glasses. xD

4. [Shy] [x]
I liked this experiment. xD

5. Sealed Letter Fairy [x]
Another nice experiment.

6. bishi_neko [x]
Still experimenting. xD

7. Empress_of_Time [x]

8. Onio[n]Flavore[d]IceCream [x]

9. Dark Vampiress Elf [x]
Your hair was a nice experiment. xD


The ball ended, it was nice talking to all of you! ;D
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Hello. ^-^
Free art? *tilts head* plz? *blink*
Hello ^^ and your samples look awesome.
Wow, you have really nice artsuu~ @w@
Heyyyy! ^_^
I really like your style! It's sooo cute. 3nodding
Your art is so cute!
-greetings to people who just arrived-

Cute art.
Could you please draw me? whee
Ellos there, Ah-mazingly cute avi and art.

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