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Hi... again... biggrin
He blows smoke in your face and walks away.
She walks in and looks around the room. She shrugs to herself and quietly takes a seat. She yawns.
How is everyone.

@tootsieroll6444 - Sorry... after I ate I went to sleep...
walks in and sits down in a corner
Blade walked over to the corner and inhaled one last time. before putting the ciggerate out
*walks around the room then finds a pink bean bag chair and sits down*
She shrugs the the girls question. She looks around the room, spotting only one male. She is distracted by the smoke swirls when he puts out the ciggarette.
*looks around the room* Well maybe nobody is coming because they see US havin' a boring time. Might as well have some fun while waiting. *gets up and goes over to the boombox and turns on some music and starts dancing*
*keeps dancing as the song changes*
*walks over and picks up my dr. pepper off the table and takes a drink of it then sets it down and starts dancing more*
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hmmm wow its empty
hmmm wow its empty
TOTALLY! lol *grabs you and starts dancing* So now it's like a private room! lol Well atleast now I have someone to talk to! Hehe
im a guy and im hear lets dance tel we drop come on lets do dis.

"freaking TS dances tell he drps"
Hi freaking TS. *waves while still dancing*

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