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I love the idea of the different rooms. I think we should have different rooms compete in contest next year.

If people want more roleplayers online,
I think a ball should happen during Summer.
When school is not the biggest problem.
the ball is great this year! all the rooms are very nicely laid out. 3nodding however maybe a bit more publicity(sp?) in advance next time around. however this is a user run event and as such you have again pulled out great results! thank you for puting so much work into this.
I think the rooms thing was a pretty neat idea.
Maybe next year could have a lunar theme to it?
I think the ball is fantastic, I love the user-run event and all the effort you put into it. I only wish Gaians would rally together more often!

I *would* like there to be more information BEFORE hand to know of a way to help participate... if necessary. I know that can easily get out of hand.

The themes are fantastic... Maybe next year you can woo Gaia for having "rooms" like in the mansion though? That way the themes don't have to stick to crazy threads. Certain people are attracted to certain themes, so it'd really help in trying to find decent threads, etc. This may really help with the foolish "elitist" type of threads.

A "royal court" theme next year might be fun (Kings/Queens, Jesters, down to invited peasents or throneroom/jester hall/ball room/courtyard, etc.).

Awesome job you guys! Let's hope we as a community can keep it up!
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I love the idea!! I like to see some give a little gold for attending or letter(special) or something like that.^^() I also thing you can add Dragons to you theme!
Ken Dragon
I love the idea!! I like to see some give a little gold for attending or letter(special) or something like that.^^() I also thing you can add Dragons to you theme!

All of the stickied rooms gave out items that were donated and/or purchased. Since this is a user run event, we can only give out items that we either donated/paid for out of our own pocket or items/gold that others donated for the ball.
There needs to be more publicity leading up to it. I'd love to see some 'celebrity' appearances. As well as the appearances of this years Mr. and Mrs. at the next ball. Also.. I think itd be cool to set up a test (on tickle.com and ad d the link to each rooms first post) for each room to see if you are evil or angelic or whatever enough.. I would definitely help in implementing that!

-More publicity leading to it
-Celebrity Appearances
-Mr. Mrs. 2007 Rooms red carpet type appearance
-Test to see if you are compatible for each room

Great Event though! I loved it!
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I liked having it in the summer (even though this was the first one I've been to!) and I loved the idea of the rooms and the themes for the rooms.

Great job, guys! heart

@ RubyJenn: I think those are great ideas ^_^

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I really think we needed more Co-Hosts. Also Room sitting schedules because everyone is in different time zones and people need to get their sleep. u__u; Getting people to commit was bit of a issue because of life issues but that is understandable. Stand by people are key. I was stand by. xD

As for contests and things.... I think 1 person (who isn't the host) should be in charge of receiving all the entries for each contest. Inbox overload is not fun for anyone. ^^; Also, people doing plot shouldn't be a co-host either. It would be less to pressure on the individual and the attention to a specific thing would bring the quality up.

But over all, I like the event. I really wish their were more userrunned forum events. They have been declining recently. D': I miss them and I understand why. Advertisment is a big issue. But if you put enough effort I think you can make something great. Come on you guys, make more! x3 Go to the GCP and make more. D<...please?

Umm~~` the power is yours! xD
I really liked the ball, though I didn't end up posting much. (I lurked a good bit.) Having it in summer was nice; it's my finals week, but I think school's out for most people by now, and that was good for allowing easy participation.

The rooms were a good idea, and I like the way that they were described. My problem with them was that the roleplaying was overrun by very basic, n00bish RPers that didn't spell or punctuate or anything. I agree that the elitist oldbie threads were annoying; however, at least most of them had a bit more grammar etc.

I sort of wish a room could be set aside for more literate RPers, because while I don't want to write a short story every post, it'd be nice to have the option to hang out in a more literate setting. I know that users made literate ballroom threads, however, but a lot of people made them in response to the main rooms being overrun, I think.

I know this isn't within users' control, but I do wish that the subforum could be set apart like the Anniversary Ball was. I only found out today that this is technically a GCD subforum, and it's not easy to find except by clicking the announcement link. I remember that during one of the special events the event forum showed up on the forum index in its own section above GD, WtG, etc. That might make it easier to find.

The effort put in to make the Ball was really quite awesome to see, and I'm very grateful to the hosts who put it together. I didn't really hear about the planning at all, so maybe some more publicity would help you find more volunteers -- then again, maybe I'm just out of the loop. sweatdrop
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I really loved the ball ^^
The only thing I think would be a bit better was, like other Gaian balls, have subforums instead of just one sticky(anyone who way on the Elegant thread when the ball begun know what I'm talking about ^^).
But the elemental theme was awesome, and a lot of nice people were around too ^^
I'm looking forward for next years' ball :3
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oh darn! when the newspost told me about the ball, my first thought was 'NEW ITEMS!' but oh well. I'm impressed whenever users put efforts into running their own events. So kudos to you!
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The Light Room Better return next year, we have a guild but...... a thread at the ball will be a great way to get new recruits!
how about a ball that is decorated with what the topic is and that we gaians can go there (like towns and ciemas) we can talk dance (there are buttons at the bottom the screen that have move on them. OH and we can have all the really good ones on sales at a booth in there for about 200 Gold the can also get free champagin, wine, and beer in a separate booth(like the popcorn, fireball thing in the ciemas). They can also get a free items. There will also be background classical music. OH when the ball room is not in use it can be like a haunted adventure room where you can go through traps and find ghosts. Maybe we can use our nancy drew kit, flashlight, and magnify glass to solve a case or something like that.

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