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I loved the Ball it was a very good idea, however you guys should've told us like a week or two in advance.

Also maybe next year try to stop the elitiest topics that sprang up on the first day of the Ball, I know it turned alot of Gaians away. The point was to bring Gaians together (elitist topics like '03 and 04ers here')

Spam is a problem with all fourms, so thats not in anyones control. sweatdrop

However other than that thank you guys for hosting it. heart biggrin
No comment!!! xd
I have no idea o.o?
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As with all the balls, they are very much so appreciated. I love that it is gaian run instead of admin run, and that there are no items specifically associated with it. Makes it less of a grab and go and more of an appreciation thing.

I do miss the avi banner that previous balls had. Other than that, it's perfect!!!

Thanks Gaia!
i think there should be an actual room kinda like the towns. the themes should be decorated in the rooms and we can see all the gaians dressed up and what not. but that's just me.
whatz up??????????????????????? *pause* NOT
Need to give away free items. Just what I think 3nodding

I agree with her
give out special items
I think that if we had items, there would be so many grab and goes. Having contests stop all the n00bs coming and going "Fre Itms! W00t!" and then leaving. It stops the community spirit and actually involves work.
give out special items

I agree if your going to spring something up on people there should be a prize involved.
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I think that planning should begin earlier, and that publicity really is needed. Because this is a user-run thing, there should also be more users involved, people think this is only for the elitist. You guys should have started the process around January, instead of March (though I know that not everyone is on 24/7, starting earlier can balance out the time more), and there should be a hiring thread that gets more then 10 people as staff (maybe 25?).

Also, encourage user-participation. With a simple, 'Post, talk, have fun or friends!' people will be more inclined to enjoy the ball. (: Also, host more contests, bumping contest, best dressed, official lottos, that sort of thing. It will make it much more interesting. ^-^

Planning a ball sounds fun. xD

Otherwise, this ball was a success. I just ask that the subforum isn't in the GeeDeeCee next time, because it's bringing the GeeDeeCee too many new faces. >__<''
The people involved weren't handpicked by anyone. Every single host found their way to the guild on their own, applied to be a host, and then once hosts were chosen, it was up to them to pick their co-hosts. They were specifically asked to pick co-hosts first from people in the guild, preferably those who had applied to be hosts but weren't chosen. Regardless of what many people want to believe, it had nothing to do with elitism. Even if more people were involved, those people calling the hosts elitists would still be doing so.

As far as publicity, there's only so much you can do, and we did it. Nearly every person involved in the ball had a banner for it in their sig, linking people to the guild where anyone could offer to help. It was a public guild so ANYONE was more than welcome to offer up suggestions, apply to be a host, whatever.

We had our thread in the Exchange where we sold what little items were donated, and where we held the mod underpants auction with what the mods donated to us.

We had a thread in the R&C forum where myself and one other person auctioned off art & a profile, and this thread also had a link to the public guild.

We don't have anything like the user ads anymore, and we can't just go making topics about it in other forums without getting in trouble for spamming. And I know we did make other threads about it in places where we were allowed to. I know a few times people tried to make discussions in the GCD as a way to try to get more people to know about it, and that is where alot of the users involved came from, but you really have to be careful when doing stuff like that because it doesn't take much to turn a thread into an advertisment that is only suited to the Chatterbox forum.

There really isn't much more that we could have done. If we had more users involved, then that would have been more people with it in their sig, but in order to get more users involved, they have to know its going on.

Yes, planning could have started sooner, but that's something that hopefully won't happen again next year. As I mentioned earlier in this thread, it was a last minute thing, when Leyna did her best to pull it together in 3 months after she realized that no one else was stepping up to host this thing and she didn't want to see it die.

@Masterdark: the hosts have no control over what other topics are started in the forum. I personally think that the "Oldbie Only" threads were stupid, but there isn't anything that any of us could do to stop them.
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Needed a bit more publicity ^^

Maybe a few more items given. Needs to be planned like 3-5 months before it happens though.

But being my first ball attended it was really nice smile
I think that a fall ball would be nice!!! And maybe to inform us a week or two in advance that would be nice!
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The "oldbie only" topics were rather offputting, I do have to agree. While it makes it easier to find users you know and who have a similar history on a site, it rather detracts from a sense of community that should be being fostered. I've been enjoying myself posting on my main and mule in a number of topics and meeting some new people.

The only suggestion I have is to possibly have 1 or more subforums so those of us with slower connections can visit a slower area and not get swamped completely.
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I think for the 6th annual Ball we should a fasion tread! with all the contests like Designing the next new gaia outfit and with the tektek avatar contests like make a prep, goth, worker, Mr and Mrs Fasion, Hippie, and Formal Wear! With the prizes should be some monthly letters The most expenve outfit - eleagent ball gowns sweatdrop -. Give Away Great Prizes to random people, and best poster - has to be PMed to the Co-Host and lots more!! heart heart

Who likes my idea???

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