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If you want to jump on for planning for next year, it'd be good to join the Guild we've set up. There's nothing really going on just yet, but there will in time.


If you have any feed back or suggestions post them here!

And keep feed back constructive! 'this sucks' or 'this is great' doesn't tell us anything. Nor does rambling about the same tiny thing over and over again without giving us any sort of means as to WHY you think it's bad.

BUT do keep in mind that this is a USER created ball, which means we do not have access to the tools and abilities that admins and devs have such as making gaia items. So the usual 'NO ITEMZ' complaints... eh we can't do anything about it we're regular ol' users like you.

The only reason we have this forum is because we asked nicely and the annual ball holds a lot of history on Gaia. whee

(The Annual Ball is NOT to be confused with the Gaia Anniversary Ball which is an official GaiaOnline event that happens every February.)

AAAANNNND about the 'oldbie' topics; what makes you think we can control what people post? We're NOT making those, so it wouldn't behoove you to say 'STOP MAKING ELTIST OLDBIE TOPICS' cause we can't control that. If you have such an issue with these types of topics then don't post in them.

and to clear the air, ANY USER IS FREE TO HELP OUT WITH THE BALL. We could care less about join dates or how much goldzorz you have. It's about hanging out with the Gaian community. 3nodding If you're going to accuse us of being OMG ELITIST, it's a claim with little to nothing to back it up.
I'd say have the ball in March, like usual, and dish out a lot more publicity for it.
Need to give away free items. Just what I think 3nodding
what about April fool ball?
Even though I don't rp, the "rooms" thing was very nice. 3nodding
It may take a little mod co-operation, but I seem to remember a ball where the banner had a cluster of avis, of everyone who was in the thread, or posting in it, or something like that, on a cool ballroom background.
That would be cool
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Need to give away free items. Just what I think 3nodding
all of the rooms were giving away free items. And Leyna mentioned in the first post even that we have no control over getting new items that everyone can get for free. This is user run, not admin run.
I think the ball was pretty fantastic. The themes were good, the whole idea.... smile Even though I was working on the plot too, I think it would have been better had it been more obvious, we needed a sticky for that thread, because not everybody saw it.
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I'd say have the ball in March, like usual, and dish out a lot more publicity for it.
Is there any particular reason, aside from "tradition" to move it back to March?

I know this year's was alot later, because it almost didn't happen at all, and we didn't start organizing til March when Leyna finally stepped and said "ok I'm doing this", but I kinda think it's nice to have later because as many know, the summer is the Gaian drought, as far as events and such go, so I think it's nice to have another event in the summer.
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I think the date is fine because That's when alot of kids get out of school. I htink items would be nice, have maybe a masqarade party and we get free masks. And you have a game that looks like a ball room. If mods could run it. xD
i think that it should be easier to find.... i had a difficult time finding this after i x'd out the announcement on my main account (this is a mule) sweatdrop
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I liked this year seeing as it's my first one I've been to. But you guys should advertise it more. It was sorta out of the blue for me. ^^;;;
we need no boredom!!!!!!!
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I think that planning should begin earlier, and that publicity really is needed. Because this is a user-run thing, there should also be more users involved, people think this is only for the elitist. You guys should have started the process around January, instead of March (though I know that not everyone is on 24/7, starting earlier can balance out the time more), and there should be a hiring thread that gets more then 10 people as staff (maybe 25?).

Also, encourage user-participation. With a simple, 'Post, talk, have fun or friends!' people will be more inclined to enjoy the ball. (: Also, host more contests, bumping contest, best dressed, official lottos, that sort of thing. It will make it much more interesting. ^-^

Planning a ball sounds fun. xD

Otherwise, this ball was a success. I just ask that the subforum isn't in the GeeDeeCee next time, because it's bringing the GeeDeeCee too many new faces. >__<''
Yar the lot of you be doin a fine job! I may suggest a pirate ship for next years ball? I think it be a fine good time.

If this could happen, maybe a bit more advertisin? Only because the world of Gaia has grown and it twas hard to find for me this year. But I thank you all non the less. Fine bunch ye are.

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