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In recent days, a seemingly random group of individuals has emerged with what can only be described as "special" abilities.

Although unaware of it now, these individuals will not only save the world, but change it forever. This transformation from ordinary to extraordinary will not occur overnight. Every story has a beginning...

They say that man uses only a tenth of his brain power. Another percent, and we might actually be worthy of God's image. Unless, of course, that day has already arrived. The human genome project has discovered that tiny variations in man's genetic code are taking place at increasingly rapid rates. Teleportation, levitation, tissue regeneration.

Is this outside the realm of possibility? Or is man entering a new gateway to evolution? Is he finally standing at the threshold to true human potential?

Taken From Heroes EP 1 (C) NBC

Everyone is welcome to join in and discover if they are on the list.
Woh. Suresh you sexy beast.
Ah Miss Candice!

Promise you won't mess with Peter too much today? wink
I'll try my best.

I have permission to mess with MR.gabeSylar right?
By all means mess away with Mr. Sylar!

I know I'm going to...
This is Claire Bennet and that was attempt number 6.
Mac and Cheese is a slow death.
Mohinder! mad
Professor Mohinder Suresh
By all means mess away with Mr. Sylar!

I know I'm going to...

-pockets the sharpies and chloroform- SWEEET.

-pats him- Sooner or later he'll return the feeling.

and then you'll be ale to do it like minks. ALL WEEK LONG. -gigglefit-
Miss Bennet, would you mind giving me a DNA sample to test? Just wipe this swab in your mouth and...


Are you implying your Mac and Cheese killed my Father?
THE Sylar
Mohinder! mad

Takes a few steps back

Mr. Sylar!
I... ummm.... What for? What kind of testing?
Claire-bear Bennet
I... ummm.... What for? What kind of testing?
To compare your DNA to others like you with special abilities, but that's not the current issue at hand, if Sylar comes after you, run and find Peter.
*gets dragged in by his brother* Pete...I shouldn't be seen associating with these people. If the media gets wind of it, it could damage my campaign.
I suppose it wouldnt hurt anything...
Sylar... is he here?

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