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Y hallo thar! pirate

I started this thread so that we could give each other gifts. Not just giving, and not just getting, either. We have to do both. So, um... Chat around. Eat some free cheese, and meet some new friends! This is a user-run event after all! 8D~

On a sadder note, please forgive me if it takes a while to put your name on the list, donate, etc... I'm very busy attempting to get names down! It would help a ton if you said how many gifts you've given/ gotten if I'm wrong. Please PM me about it.

1. No secks. We don't do that here. Elsewhere, sure. But not here.
2. Follow the ToS. Otherwise, I report you... b***h.
3. If you give a gift, you will get one for sure. If you get a gift, you HAVE to give another gift to someone else.
4. Entering this thread and posting puts you on the gift list. The heart is for how many gifts you give (I use an honor policy here. If you lie, blacklist). The domokun is for how many gifts you've gotten. Ideally, there will be an equal number of each.
5. This does not mean, however, that you get a gift if you enter the thread. It just means that you go on the list. You could have NO domokun s or heart s, and still be on the list.
6. Don't spam. I just want conversation here. This includes bumping, guys.
7. Blacklist = breaking these rules/ being mean. I decide, and I withold my right to do so.
8. Whitelist = people who helped out a lot, and deserve some extra love.
9. If you just want to donate (IE: You don't see a heart or domokun because of it), please write "THIS IS NOT THE DONATION YOU ARE LOOKING FOR" in the trade.
10. I can change the rules if I need to.
11. I like to see random things. If you make me giggle, I'll be happy.

Things you can give/ get
1. Art
---> Please don't just give crap-art, and then complain about a bad return gift. Chances are that you
2. GOLD! =D
---> Please no gifts under 150g. We want this to be slightly good. Also, no amount over 5000g, okay?
3. Itemz!
---> Please no items under 150g, either. We want good gifts here. Also, please no items worth over 5000g.

[[D-chan will change this list, if she gets a good idea submitted by you guys! <3 ]]

1. D - c h a n
2. Poor_Rocker

List of people!
1. D - c h a n User Image domokun domokun domokun domokun domokun User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image
2. ninjadog103 domokun User Image
3. V for Vendetta Girl domokun User Image
4. Caos Lustro domokun domokun User Image User Image User Image User Image
5. Poor_Rocker domokun domokun heart heart heart heart heart heart
6. keebon domokun domokun domokun domokun heart heart heart heart
7. Alarex domokun heart
8. MgnMchll
9. Daiske Niwa - DNAngel
10. the_diabolic_angel domokun domokun heart heart heart
11. Angelprncss User Image domokun User Image domokun
12. Adellem domokun heart User Image User Image User Image
13. Nurgis
14. Buyokitty User Image User Image domokun
15. xnanniax heart domokun domokun heart domokun domokun
16. xchaos_lolitax heart
17. drpoor domokun heart
18. Che` domokun heart
19. washed.out. User Image User Image User Image
20. squirelboy
21. illustratinloue heart domokun heart User Image
22. Hinata-kuonichi domokun
23. dexs_twisted_lover
24. FilipinoQT324
25. Ceray
26. geesh
27. Chaotic Souls
28. tahkun User Image
29. Cuteniao User Image User Image
30. meadow14
31. Fruity Granola Bar
32. Coll Ohmsford

Forgive me if you haven't appeared. PM me to tell me I'm wrong about your status, okay? XD;

Also, please note that if the gift was worth less than 150g, it doesn't count. Sorry, but it's in the rules.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

By Poor_Rocker. Show your love.
... Why does no one come here?
I'm here...
... Is it because I ate some of the cake?

... Nah. People'd understand that. >>;;;
So how is everyone?
YAY! Two posters!

Welcome to this thread, ninjadog103 & V for Vendetta Girl! =D =D
I don't know, maybe it is because there is like 5 other really popular gift giving threads?
V for Vendetta Girl
I don't know, maybe it is because there is like 5 other really popular gift giving threads?
... Well, we're cooler!

... And we have pretty... erm... rules. XD;
I still think it is a good idea though. xd
Vote for Pickles in the Avatar Arena?
User Image
*eats some cheese*
Okay. That's awesome sauce. XD; XD;

@Pickles - If you don't stay around, you go on the blacklist. <33

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