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Odd Cinderella
Three way tie: Adele, Hudson, Bruno Mars.
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Rihanna's Performance!! blaugh
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Adele and Paul McCartney. emotion_c8

Definitely NOT Nikki Minaj... emotion_facepalm
Adele and Taylor Swift, those were my top 2.

Jennifer Hudson was fantastic, and I'll miss Whitney, but I've heard that song way too often to enjoy it. Whitney did a much better job singing it than Dolly Parton did.

Katy Perry really surprised me. For some reason, her voice usually raises the hairs on the back of my neck - like nails on a chalkboard. I like the lyrics to Firework, I just have a hard time listening to it, for example.

But last night's performance was more mature than her teeny bopper style, and I liked it, both the choreography and her voice.

Beach Boys were fun and fantastic; Mom was watching with me then and we were laughing and singing along. Same with Glenn Campbell, I was sorry to hear about his Alzheimer's. My grandmother, who was very musical, had it for years before she died; it's not pretty.

I was disappointed with Paul McCartney. I liked the end of the show, but there was something missing. I can't really put my finger on what or why.

Overall it was a fantastic show. I have some new-to-me-artists to check out biggrin .
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Paul Mcartney :3

The Beach Boys with Foster the People and Maroon 5. I actually had to turn from Nicki Minaj's performance. It was a little less than wretched.
Hmm...don't know about that. But I liked how Katy Perry did that whole simulated power outage thing to switch songs smile
I loved the big finale performance with Paul and Dave. That one kicked all of the other performance's a***s in my opinion..
Definitely Deadmau5 or Nicki 4laugh those are the ones i wanted to see but also i really liked Katy's That girl stuck it to her ex. alright having a double on singing the song she made for him, And then come out with her new one that's totaly hating on him, like wow that's deep 3nodding
Bruno's was interesting; i liked it.
Nicki's was just.. not my thing.
Adele was good.
I liked Foo Fighters. cool
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Adele all the way

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Loved Adele's, Bruno Mars', and of course, Jennifer Hudson's tribute to the late Whitney Houston. RIP~

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