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Spain WON!

SIIIIII!!!! VIVA ESPAÑA! VIVA LA FURIA ROJA! 0.46428571428571 46.4% [ 26 ]
*sighs* Well, Next world cup will be. . . 0.035714285714286 3.6% [ 2 ]
******** OCTOPUS!!!!! *goes to kill it* 0.17857142857143 17.9% [ 10 ]
WHAT A ******** a** OF GAME D< 0.089285714285714 8.9% [ 5 ]
How many yellow cards where there O _o; 0.10714285714286 10.7% [ 6 ]
Spain will be one with Russia now, da? ^ ^ *skulks him* 0.10714285714286 10.7% [ 6 ]
I'm just glad it wasn't Brazil/Argentina = A=; 0.017857142857143 1.8% [ 1 ]
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So, amid the current England vs America and a possible Germany vs Italy disregard that, they where eliminated matches, this all screams me Hetalia
So, I made this thread for us Hetalia and Soccer fans (or of either one) to follow the world cup and root for our favorite team/country.

If the country you live on/like doesn't have soccer team participating on this cup, what would it do? Either Hetalia-ish or not and why isn't that team there?
If yours is here, brag about it. Why not? Or weep about it - I'm from Mexico and... well, I sadly don't see it pass the 16 selected *sigh*

So, chat around and have a good time!

Past Matches

Uruguay (Sebastian) vs Netherlands (Alex)

2 - 3

Germany (Ludwig/Gilbert) vs Spain (Antonio)

0 - 1

Third Place Match

Germany (Ludwig/Gilbert) vs Uruguay (Sebastian)

3 - 2

Germany sets himself in 3rd Place for the second time in ...two years ' v '

Currently on a soccer match:


Spain (Antonio) vs Netherlands/Holland (Alex)

1 - 0




As in the style of FIFA, Gaian users now have the chance to give awards to the Countries on the World cup, these are the following:

Best Team Spirit Display ( The team you think played the best/organized in the cup)
Biggest LULZ done by a Team
Best Player
(given towards the country of that player, state the player's name)
Best Team Fans (A Prize to the crowd following their favorite team)
Wors Team Fans (I think we know which team we are talking about stare )
Best use for a Vuvuzela (Lulz category, just... go ahead and post. The most creative one gets posted here )
Biggest surprise in World Cup 2k10
Most controversial moment of World Cup 2k10
Most 'WTF?!' moment of the World Cup
(Can be in or out Field)

Those are all I think off. Start your votings on that now.
Also, if you have any idea on more awards please comment.

~The End.~
Thank you for watching World Cup Hetalia
Congratulations to the Winner of this year!
See you in 4 years!
^ v ^

~Official Banner~
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~Meet the Countries on the World Cup~

Bolded means that passed next round
Striked means that they are out. . .

User Image
South Africa - Name Pending
Mexico - Cuahutemoc Sanchez
France - Francis Bonnefoy
4rth Place : Uruguay - Sebastian Rodriguez

User Image
Argentina - Martín Crespo
Nigeria - Name Pending
Grece - Heracles Karpusi
South Korea - Im Yong Soo "Of course I passed! Korea invented football"

User Image
England - Arthur Kirkland
America - Alfred F. Jones
Algeria - Name Pending
Slovenia - Kristina Bevk

User Image
3rd Place : Germany - Ludwig Beilschmidt
Australia - Logan Earnshaw
Serbia - Jakov Zmaj

Ghana - Name Pending

User Image
2nd Place Netherlands/Holland - Alex Maes
Denmark - Aksel Larsen
Japan - Kiku Honda
Cameroon - Name Pending

User Image
Italy - Feliciano Vargas
Paraguay - Elizabeth Rodriguez
New Zealand - Natalie Richmond
Slovakia - Ales Kovac[/strik]

User Image
Brazil - Cauãn dos Santos
North Korea - Hyung Soo
Cote d' Ivore - Name Pending
Portugal - Fausto Esteves

User Image
WORLD CHAMPION - Boss Spain - : Antonio Fernandez
Switzerland - Vash Zwingli
Honduras - Manuel Lopez
Chile - Pedro Urdemales
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The Summary of the World Cup

Reporting all from South Africa 2k10! with your host - Da Mangaka

See the past Rounds
[ The First Round - Endless Ties of DOOM (no pun intended) ]

The Second Round

First Match - S.Africa vs Uruguay - 0 - 3
By Lionessgirl
The Noise and Atmosphere created by the Crowd - even the South African team, who sing as they leave the tunnel - is amazing. It all adds on the Pressure for Uruguay, and you can see it. Although South Africa have control of the ball most of the time, Uruguay are taking more action. Kicking long shots at the goal, and getting slightly aggressive. There's effeminately a sense of Urgency here, probably because it is the Second round of Matches. However, S.A where the first to get a Yellow Card this match.... Uruguay Score! 24 minutes in.
That's not all that's changed on the Pitch, the Speed and Quality of Play has improved. Remember, the Last time we saw Uruguay they failed to Score, and not because of the quality of the opposition.
For those of you wondering, 'Bafana Bafana' is the Name of the South African team. It means 'The Boys, The Boys". Bet you didn't know that now, did yah?
Time's moving quickly, for me the First half was really short. To be honest, South Africa could do with time slowing down a bit so that they have a chance of Scoring. During the interval there has been lots of talk of the ball being of poor quality. However, that's more than likely to be a excuse for the lack of decent football.
OH My! Blood from number nine of Uruguay. He's forced to leave the pitch to have some one look at his mouth.
Really, this is getting boring now. South Africa made a substitution that sould have chnaged their chances, but they're still not making the moves they should.
Both sides are diving a lot too, which is incredibly annoying.
It's interesting how the South African players control the crowd - With a signal they can change the volume. South Africa have remained unbeaten in their last 14 matches, yet I think tonight will change that.
Oh My God!
The South African Goal Keeper has been sent off! Oh, the Reaction from the crowd.
The New Goalie has to keep this penalty out, or It's over for South Africa.
That's it the game is over, and Uruguay moves into pole position in group A.
South Africa has lost and have to really pull back if they are to continue on in their World Cup. They'll be partying in Uruguay tonight.

Second Match - Argentina vs S.Korea 4 - 1
'No, you will not claim my breasts you freak!' was the warning from Martin at the begining of the match, a fast paced match at least for the Argentinians, which from the begining demonstrated their control over the football. S.Korea tries to counter as he can, actually bringing a goal by the second time but... it's just too obvious Martin wants to enter the 16 selected, not allowing any other chance to poor Yong Soo who is at the border of trying to use a scheme.
It was too fast for me, I couldn't get what was going on . _.;
Then again, it seems that, this only indicates that the games will be more fast paced.
Then again, we have yet to see Greece's match against Nigeria... wonder how that will work out. . .

Third Match - Grece vs Nigeria - 2
by LionessGirl

Anyhooo, We join the Game at the begining of the Second Half.
The Ref is from Columbia.
This is Greece's first ever goal in the World Cup! It was a Surprise for Nigeria who expected to win this hands down. However, the Nigerians went down to ten men and the Greeks took their chance. Both Teams need to win this match.
Nigeria is a Man down, and he's likely not to play again for a long time with a groin injury. The Greek begin to take their chance.
OH! Nigeria take an advantage and run with it! But, they mess up as they get to the goal. A great save, then a nearly open goal, but The Nigerian player can't quite keep up. That's a lesson for Greece. Be careful - Nigeria is on the hunt for goals.
Two close shots from the Greeks, proving ow strong Nigeria's defense is. Once again the Nigerian Goal Keeper protects the goal with such skill. I suspect he'll be head unted later.
Another Close miss for Greece! Truly this goal keeper is amazing.
Suddenly the tables have turned... Nigeria, who are down to ten men are being stretched by Greece to what seems like their limits.
OH! The Greeks have Scored again! Wild Celebrations from the Greek Team and Staff! Suddenly, a team who have never won before are begining to win!
The Nigerians really are pushing it now. That's two close misses, one of which resulted in a Greek being trodden on. Hopefully Nigeria can score.
Then Again, Spain's match taught us how the Underdog has every chance in this tournament. If they don't win Nigeria will definitely feel this as a wasted opportunity. Greece are unlikely to advance much further than this round.
The Greeks are wasting time now, comfortable with a 2-1 win. Why wouldn't they be? They've never won a match before.
We're into added time... The Greek coach has gone a bit mental, asking for more.
That's it!
The Greeks win for the First Time Ever! The Greeks, despite all that's happened to them this year they'll be celebrating in Athens tonight!

Forth Match - Mexico vs France - 2 - 0
By lionessgirl

France V Mexico. One country Stuck in the Shadow of Previous victories, and One overshadowed by dreams that have never come true...
France have only won one of six of their past games, yet Mexico's coach is yet to be beaten by a European team.. Of course, The France V Uruguay game has written France off as opposition, but who knows? The Last time the world wrote France off they came back with vengeance.
We're underway! Eighty Years after these two countries kicked off the first ever World Cup in Uruguay, they meet again.
These Second round matches are awfully fast paced, aren't they? Three minutes in there is a offside atempt at a goal by Mexico. It hits the post, but you get the idea - quick moving this game. Mexico suddenly have 3 fouls. Mexico miss what would have been an easy goal, and we're into a free kick for France.
France are proving that they are not to be underestimated. The Mexicans are showing they're in it to win it. Both sides are dangerous, the Mexicans more physically than skillfully. However, having said that, the Mexicans are more together than the French. After rumors of the French coach picking his team using astrology, I'm surprised they haven't lynched him.
Alas, I think I spoke too soon. Everything seems to have stopped...
A lot of Mexicans tackling French, and A lot of French ignoring French.
After 2 goals, the Mexicans are putting a lot of Pressure on France now. I don't think the French can take it. The look on the French Coach's face says it all really. With every single second, they have got worse and worse. Truly, France are a shambles. A free kick stopped by Mexico. We're into the Last few minutes of the Match. If this goes by with the pace that the Rest of the match has you can expect Mexico to win this hands down.
Don't you just love Second round matches?
France will need a goal fest against South Africa if they're going to make it, and from the Looks of this? It won't.
3 minutes additional time will be added on. To be honest, from the Start of the World cup Mexico have looked like the better team. And the better Audience. Have you heard the Mexicans sing?
That's it! MEXICO HAS WON! They really deserve it, and if They draw with Uruguay they will qualify!
The French coach turns and leaves the Stadium, preparing himself for a barrage in the French Press.

Fifth Match - Germany vs Serbia 0 - 1
Well, the second round has indeed surprised us all, specially in this battle where I thought Germany would take the win and pass onto knock-out rounds rather easily, as always. But, many unprecedented things happened: 'Gil-Gil' (as called by the fangirls) started the match after he proved himself worthy against Australia, however, the Teutonic knight was rather stopped by the referee, who saw too many fouls and eventually kicked him out of the playing field. Ouch... that has to hurt his ego. By the first half, while quick, it was worthless, with a surprising 0 - 0 tied match.Ludwig started to play football as if he where back on World War II and showed the true German attitude, with discipline, honor and tactics that moved the ball into the Serb's area to kick goal. But... it wasn't enough. We all thought that this would be yet another of the many ties of the World cup when, out of the blue just about to finish the final half, Serbia made the goal. The stadium was in shock and the Serbs where uber happy. Germany tried as much as he could to turn the tables, even getting the chance of a tying penalty kick... but failed. Poland somewhere must be teasing him. Sadly, although he gave his best display, the victory went to Jakov, who went to run around the field celebrating the victory upon a team where the other half of my money went.
All I know, is that this world cup will have us talking a long time. . .

Sixth Match - America vs Slovenia 2 - 2
Again, I tell you... this World Cup will have us talking for a long time. Perhaps this isn't Martin with Maradona pulling yet another 'Hand of God', but... wow. Really, what a spectacle.
Kristina surprised us with her good strategy which confounded poor Alfred, making an opening for her to score the first goal of the match, just at 13 minutes in the field. Really, the European teams are something to fear. And just when you think that they'll win 1 - 0, she scores yet again, to deliver 2 - 0. We already started to see the banners of the winning country waving like nuts. And we are talking just about the first time. I was ready to go to sleep to store energy for the England vs Argelia match when, in the second time, 15 minutes before the match ended... BAM! Replies from a furious (in a sportsmanship way... not ...well, yeah, angry Alfred tends to be ...angry) reply from America, scoring a goal. Wow... I spat my drink. I ran to the stadium to get to see the show, and I almost missed yet another goal, just 5 minutes before the match ended!. OMG! A tie after such a defeat in the first half? Seems that Alfred really knows how to save the day and crown himself the hero. Kristina couldn't believe it herself and now tried to battle back..which made her get in a mistake which would eventually deliver the last goal towards her, defea...wait a moment... the referee.... DENIED the goal?! WTF?!. While I am not a fan of the American team, that goal was legit. Many threads, commentaries and protests have gone against many of the referees of the matches, and this one will surely make the talk for the while. Sadly, the score reverts to 2-2. Alfred is rather sad, Kristina can't believe it. In their shock, they almost forget to play the game (thing she wanted to use as advantage but Alfred replied well). The match is over. Clearly, this will be reviewed forever as a controversial match. . . and then again it's another tie from America. If England wins, this could mean danger for him. . . Will England use this as advantage and knock out Alfred from the competition?

Seventh Match - England vs Algeria 0 - 0
By Lionessgirl

We're half an Hour from the begining of the Match. Any predictions?
Remember, So far all the favorites have lost... This tournament truly is one for the underdog. Also, the referee is a git. Seriously there have been moments where I've wondered if He's got his eyes shut. What a Stupid Match. Stupid Match! Referee was Crap and so was the English team! I'm so annoyed. SO ANNOYED!
Da Mangaka's notes - our commentator is English. . . but I also saw the match. Yeahhh.. wtf is going on this world cup? T_ T;

Eight Match - Netherlands vs Japan 1 - 0

We are starting to see some action, and the unstoppable Orange Juice machine cannot be with-held. Japan is quite mellow and of course was rather surprised, but I must admit that he played a good football. In fact, I'm rather happy at the defense, vitality and more of the Japanese team, which sadly wasn't enough to detain them. A goal that was said to be done by the 'curse of the ball' allowed Alex to get the 1 - 0 score, Japan trying as much as he can but eventually failing. Although I must admit that Neth plays quite rough. . . some things should have been signaled by the referee but, to be honest, these haven't been the best referees ever. We must just remember the US-Slovakia match. Tsk tsk tsk. But what ever, it was a good display of both teams and, congrats to the OJs. Now, Japan must win if he wishes to advance the next round. Then again, can he defeat the axe of Aksel? Sources state that he will go by a good-luck ritual to get some divine aid. We can only hope that might work for the good < _<

Ninth Match - Ghana - Australia 1 - 1
Logan still has the pain in his a** after the rape defeat, but although limping, managed to play a good game versus what is the strongest team (so far) of Africa: Ghana. I can't report much, other than it was a rather sad tie, which is sad for Australia because... unless either Germany explodes or something, he won't be passing next round. Sad, sad thing. . . *shakes head* Meanwhile, surprisingly, Ghana is not only the best team of Africa, but the leader of the group. Wow. . .where are you Ludwig? XD

Tenth Match - Cameroon vs Denmark 2 - 1

AXE!!!!!!! The AXE OF DOOM! Denmark was (is actually) so desperate to pass the second round as if his life depended on it that he didn't bring 1, but 2 Axes. WTF ?! Are the referees blind?! What ever *rolls eyes* Then again, things started to get rather frisky when Cameroon scored the first goal. That's when he pulled out both weapons. Using them strategically, it was how he managed to score his first goal just before the first half ended and the second one just as it was starting. By then, the referee either saw the axe usage or he just decided not to be carrying around with them. Even though that, the defenses of the Danish team was enough to keep Cameroon at bay, finally defeating him with. He will need to defeat Japan if he wishes to pass to the next round, which sources state he is ready. If he's this pumped on this match, I just hope Japan has insurance against. . .axes. . . This is how Cameroon's adventures on the world cup end. . .

Eleventh match - Slovakia vs Paraguay - 0 - 2
Paraguay means BUSINESS. She already demonstrated it when she intimidated Italy (or at least Feliciano) on her prior match, and now against a team who also seemed to have all to win. However, it seems that one of the main characteristic of the Latina Girls are... they are fearless. Just check South Mexico or Venezuela (who we are glad none are here. . .). Anyways, Paraguay started with utter dominance in the field, Slovakia soon getting either nervous or confused, eventually scoring a goal before the first half ended. Many love to the missing forward. Slovakia tries to attack or even defend but fails at both, however Paraguay is getting cocky. This allows Slovakia to get some time inside her field but apparently, she mentally slaps herself and goes onwards to win it all, regardless of how bad (or confused) the contrary team is. She notices Uruguay on the field, she kicks the ball towards him and scores a goal just before the second time ends. Cheers for the Paraguayans, she advances to the next round for sure. Slovakia is rather meh-ish of the results. Paraguay did tell us in a prior interview her intentions of playing against Uruguay, but for that, it might take a long road, that and him actually passing to next round (which is highly probable). Slovakia's only chance of survival is if he defeats Italy... which we don't think might be too possible, that with Romano now taking on charge. . .

Twelfth match - Italy vs New Zealand - 1 - 1
UTTER DISAPPOINTMENT! And I thought it was because Feliciano was going to play but... no! It's actually Romano on the field. And we could see it at how rough the Italians where playing against her. YES! Samantha was now playing on the field. The Northern Part of New Zealand, the tiny island, fetching against the mob boss and segnore de la mafia world champion in calcio. It was only because she started to mirror his gaming that Italy managed to get a goal - a penalty kick was enough to tie the match 1 - 1. .. but even after that, NOTHING else happened. Something tells me that, weren't that goal, New Zealand comfortably would have passed the second round, placing Italy... out *blinks* This World Cup is NUTS! Germany about to die? Italy going out?! FRANCE BEING LAME?! I thought the world ended on 2012. . .
*cough* Anyways... we still have to see how this fine lady faces. . .um. . .Paraguay. If Paraguay finishes her off, it's goodbye to the last hope for Oceania. . .

Thirteenth Match - Brazil vs Cote de Ivory 3 - 1
That is all . . .he passes onto the next round ...what a surprise [/unsurprised]

Fourteenth Match - Portugal vs N.Korea 7 - 0

I thought PrussiaGermany raped Australia on their first match. THAT . WAS . NOTHING . COMPARED. TO THIS! Wow. . . 7 - 0?!
Really?! I spit my Arizona Green Tea when I saw the results. I had to RE-WATCH the game to just see HOW THE F*** could that happen. N.Korea displayed quite a game against Brazil, managing to score a well rounded goal. . . but, this time, the discipline that can be expected from a dictatorship military based government and mentality it was... not really organized. Really. It was goal, after goal after goal, after goal. I could perhaps defeat N.Korea if I wanted to. They suck even more than France (and that's saying something. . .). Sadly, this kills any chances of them to advance to the second round. We only hope Young So gives a better result.

Fifteenth Match - Chile vs Switzerland 1 - 0
Chile is FIERCE. Not surprised really, after the many hardships he has gone through, including the recent Earthquake at the begining of the year. If you want a story of survivors, ask Chile. Then again, fighting against another country who has gone almost by the same hardships, Switzerland, this was going to be interesting indeed. Going all with all, Switzerland tries to combat back with powerful shoots...including some literal shootings with his guns. Thankfully, the referee noticed and banned the guns. Finally, seems they are waking up. Regardless, one of the team-mates of the Swiss team is out as well - red carded. Now they will kill or die. However, even though the first half was without goals, the second was enough to kill what has been called the most powerful barrier ever seen in football - Chile had scored.
It was a hard task, and Vash wouldn't distract himself at nothing, but finally there was a goal. Fuerza Chile! Tu Equipo te habla! Switzerland become more offensive now, but Chile has learnt enough to pull a barrier of his own, allowing the match to end and him taking the victory. What a long but well pulled match. My hat goes to you Chile. You are now in the way for the second round.

Sixteenth Match - Spain vs Honduras 2 - 0

Spain had been the disappointment of the World Cup. The Furia Roja ran towards the Swiss' wall and CRASH, Clank, POW! . . .was smashed. Many couldn't believe it, my money was at stake and Europe cried. Until now. . .
Honduras, to be honest, hasn't shown potential, it flunked against Chile and I can't honestly expect something about the match with Switzerland. But considering how Spain had been doing. But they displayed awesome football skills which quite cheered me up. Antonio must be quite happy for his win, although sad on defeating one of his former colonies. Then again, will this mean Spain can actually win the world cup as predicted and allow me to win enough money for a gogh's reed. This is the Underdog Cup, the unexpected cup, the cup where you can actually feel, once in a million years since the cup started, that anybody can win . . . like the Fifa World Cup on the consoles. . .
Next up. . .speaking of colonies, Mexico and Uruguay. . . Will Mexico be dazzled?
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~Your Commentator~

Main Commentator of the Hetalia World Cup - Da Mangaka User Image

Secondary Comentator and supporter - Lioness Girl

Photos and Graphics from the World Cup - ??

Interviews with the stars - ??

To add more as needed

If you wish to help, just PM me or post. As for the Photos, they are the pictures done based on this WC. You can make them yourself or... link from others but, if you do the last, please source the original ...source
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~Interviews and Archives~
A collection of the Summary of the World Cup, plus interviews after the games from your stars.

The world Cup

[ First Round Summary ]

The Interviews

[Mexico and his views of the cup]
[England talks about the Tie]
[ America and his expectations]
[ France-niisan is amused ]
[Australia after the Rape]
[ Paraguay before Pasta ]
[ Romano discuss about stuff ]
[ Boss Spain and his first views of the world Cup ]
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Have you seen the Hetalia FIFA thing from nico nico douga? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDBd69qcKNQ
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Im cheering for Peter (sealand) -shot-
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Oh ! Right! Peter! XD;; He is basicaly England... unless Sealand pulls a team of his own < w <
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Da Mangaka
Oh ! Right! Peter! XD;; He is basicaly England... unless Sealand pulls a team of his own < w <
-stare- Peter is not Aurthur he is his own nation!!! -epic pose-
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User Image

『τяι¢ќ øя τяεατ?』

I am cheering on Arthur. 4laugh
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News - Alfred's revenge!

1 - 1

It's tied!
Arthur must be shitting his pants right about now
that's my boy, Alfie. i'm so proud of you heart
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Da Mangaka
So, amid the current England vs America and a posible Germany vs Italy matches, this all screams me Hetalia
So, I made this thread for us Hetalia and Soccer fans (or of either one) to follow the world cup and root for our favorite team/country.

If the country you live on/like doesn't have soccer team participating on this cup, what would it do? Either Hetalia-ish or not and why isn't that team there?
If yours is here, brag about it. Why not? Or weep about it - I'm from Mexico and... well, I sadly don't see it pass the 16 selected *sigh*

So, chat around and have a good time!

Currently on a soccer match:

England (Arthur) vs America (Alfred) - 1 - 1 Second half.

well if you ask me Alfred just a made a epic win shot ;3

fail arthur, fail XD
I was thinking of Hetalia, the entire during the game. >.<

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