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Give us some thoughts about the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
Who was your favorite team? Who do you think worked the hardest? How did the teams play? Did you lose or win a bet? Who's your favorite player? What did you think of the Referees throughout the games? How did you like this year's World Cup all in all?
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I really thought Germany was going to win, but in the end Spain truly was the best team.
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it was amazing and unexpected. wahmbulance
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Well for starters, this year's FIFA was pretty interesting...although I think that 2006 FIFA final was better...for multiple reasons...Some of the refs were totally annoying! Giving soo many yellow cards, and sometimes giving red cards for no reason >.< ugh! Definitely happy that I won a $200 bet with my dad for the Spain vs. Germany game though XD oh yeah ;D Go Paul the octopus wink
I think that Ghana should've advanced to the semi-final instead of Uruguay though...It was pretty sad to see them lose sad especially on the penalty shoot-outs sad Oh well...in all I would say it was good to get into the soccer atmosphere here XD

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