Arsenal Football Club
Arsenal Football Club

Actually I do watch soccer. Indoor soccer. In my opinion indoor soccer and outdoor soccer are to completely different things. Indoor soccer is actually entertaining, and is actually fun to play. I would know. I played for five years before discovering lacrosse. Outdoor soccer is boring. END OF ARGUMENT!

Haha, oh really? The only difference is that it's indoors.

Wait, can you really beat up someone when you are a goalie for lacrosse, do you?

And just because you can't run does not mean football isn't a sport... got that?

And no, a sport does not require physical contact or pain. Which actually, sometimes football do have.

The definition of a sport is an organized and competitive physical activty. It also requires skillful attributes and fair play.

Umm, does figure skating has physical contact? No, but it is still considered a sport.

Ha ha, no. Indoor soccer has much more movement and the score gets above the norm outdoor score of 1 to 0.

And yes if someone is waiting on the crease on the goal for a pass, when they recieve the pas I can Shoulder or chest check them causing them to fly backwards. I ctually injured someone from our team in a practice doing that this year. Fracture wrist, cracked rib, missed every game from then on. :/

Look it's a sport. It's a dumb sport. But its a sport.

So you are telling me Nascar is a sport? You have got to be kidding me. Its competitive and organized, but its a car race. Really?

And figure skating is just another dumb non entertaining sport.

By the way, are u from the UK? I'm not blaming this on you, but the lacrosse championships are in England this year and England is not letting The Iroquois Nation team play because they won't accept their Native American passports. I find it funny, how the people who invented the sport are not being allowed to play. I'm asking in a friendly way, if you do hear any updates about this controversy, let me know please.

Umm no? And I also said a sport had to be skillful. Nascar however is an "auto racing sport event". AUTO RACING. EVENT.

And now you are really pissing me off. Do you really watch soccer? Or football? If you do, you would know that outdoor football does not always score 1-0. And I am not going to even say Lacrosse is a dumb sport. Because I don't want to insult you.

I watch soccer and american football. The few outdoor soccer games Ive watched seem to always end nuthing-nuthing. And frankly, now ur pissing me off. I try to be friendly and ask if you are from the UK. You refer to soccer as football so I just asked. Actually I don't feel like dealing with you anymore. Be a man and try to resolve your disputes. Don't be a Jerk. Grow a pair.