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soccer is not more better than basketball
i agree, after some boy if me in the nose super hard with a soccer ball, and broke my nose, i hated soccer, on the bright side, he rought me flowers, it was a nice thought,, but i dont really like flowers!!!!!!!
soccer is not more better than basketball

ya, basketball beats soccer any day!!
u would only say that if u wernt goood aat soccer. and anyway people have different opinion and my opinion is that soccer rules
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soccer rules
dominick Junior
soccer rules

i agree 100%
Of course soccer sucks you only use your feet on the field but in basketball you move your body using your hands
i love soccer, its waaaay better than basketball xp
soccer is not more better than basketball

SO TRUE!!!!! BBALL ROCKS!!! Lebron james is going 2 MiAmI!!!!
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I think we can all agree that he just like touching balls.
soccer is not more better than basketball

yes it is.soccer rocks
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Typical comment by someone who isn't good at football. Football is the best thing that ever happened on planet Earth.

In football you only use your feet? Well, proves you know alot. You are forgetting about the goalkeeper. And corners, where footballers can throw the ball.

And in football, you use your head (literally and nonliterally) and your chest. You would look like a complete fool if you use your head (literally) when playing basketball.

Therefore, you also use your body to play football.

And I get injured alot in football and I STILL LOVE IT.
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GOOOOOOOOOOOO SOCCER 4laugh 4laugh heart heart heart
but basketball is ok i guess sweatdrop ........
soccer is way better and its more of a team sport and also more technical basketball is good and all but will nevr be compared to soccer
Soccer is like the bestestest sport ever and basketball is nonesense i really don't like it cause everyone makes a big deal about it razz

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