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laughing pixie
Watched the final two episodes last night.

Shed a few tears. ;w;

I honestly did not know whether to expect a happy ending or a downer from this one. Bittersweet works for me.

I freaking loved this anime. Everything from the story to the animation to the soundtrack was top-notch. I like how it did manage to address some things more realistically than most magical girl anime does (ever notice how Sailor Moon's parents really never did anything except be in distress a few times?). xD And it wasn't just... moe for the sake of moe, you know?

Madoka's mom is EPIC, especially with the way she trusts her and sends her towards destiny. This makes me even sadder when later she doesnt even remeber her...
Van Evok
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The ending was so A+ wow.

I love the idea of the ending how everything seemed to start over with the ideas of demons and such. Madoka's efforts really didn't change anything. It's a really great and different ending than the usual "happy ever after"

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well, rescuing Earth form either Walpurgis nacht OR Madoka becoming witch is certainly a feat... life goes on and every age has its enemies, but the world has been saved and Magical Girls dont die in despair anymore... even InQBator seems more sympathethic in new world razz

Yes, this is true! Yet, now dont they "disappear" from denial? I feel that these are very similar to each other.

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Good ending, I'm happy that Madoka was able to save everyone.
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But I really want to finish the last 5 episodes of this drama I'm watching first sweatdrop I have issues when I try to watch more than one series at a time...

Drop the other one, watch Madoka
I did put off finishing the first series and started Madoka, and I've watched through episode 3. Boy is it surprising me! eek It's so good! If only finals weren't so close and I had more time to watch it! heart
This show was the ******** s**t.

If you haven't watched/finished this, GO WATCH IT NOW.
I love this anime in its entirety. The music, animation, the characters, etc are all well done.
The ending of this series suited it.
(Puella Magi Madoka Magica cosplay here I come!!)
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I personally love how even though this is a magical girl series it really brings the conflict that comes with becoming one. it isn't "hey i'm a talking animal take on all this responsibility because i said so" ... "okay why not!" *transforms, beats random bad guy" first episode right there. Madoka? no she doesn't transform till forever! loving it!
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I really liked it even though it was screwed up and their world is crappy. The ending was really good too, it wasn't like the usual happy end and everything's gonna be all right thing, but they were still able to make it really good even though the ending was bitter sweet.
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I hardly ever watch anime, believe it or not, and this is one of the few anime I've watched from beginning to end.

I'm very glad I did. This show was top notch, and the ending was complete. Madoka is such a sweet, top notch character, and Homura's devotion to her was very compelling.

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It is one of the best magical girl animes I have ever seen.
I love all the speculation, and darkness of the anime.
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It is one of the best magical girl animes I have ever seen.
I love all the speculation, and darkness of the anime.
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well i didn't watch the it yet but i heard it was a good anime C:
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its a super fantastic awsome anime but its really depressing bringing me up to the point where i want to cry
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The ending was EPIC I cried TT__TT
It's the best magical girl decon-recon out there.
(Utena's still the best pure decon, mind you).

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