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bleach is way better than some dead zombie anime
Hell no bleach is better. I mean HOTD is stuck at the moment >.<. It about a story of echii girls neutral
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I like High School of dead lol sweatdrop
i say high school of the dead is better
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I don't understand why you would want to compare anime/mangaka... but I would like to say HOTD is my favorite anime. EVER. I'm surprised that they still have bleach going. It makes me wonder if theyre just making fillers. Then again... I've only watched Bleach until episode 71(?).Basically until I got bored with the damn anime
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what!!!!! scream
A grown-a** man comparing two animes made for teens and or people in their early 20's. He needs to shut the <comment witheld> up!
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A lot of shows are better than bleach razz

User Image - Eggs need LOVE too...
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By genre, they really shouldn't be compared to each other but for the sake of argument, I'm going to have to say that HOTD is better for some very simple reasons.

I have the same problem with Bleach as I did with InuYasha, its gone on for way too long. Excessively so, & to the point where I really don't give a s**t about what happens according to story line any more because it all feels done before. I don't really enjoy the art styles of either anime in particular, but I can't help but love HOTD for the pure & simple fact that I will forever love zombie stories & the occasional ridiculously unnecessary panty shot. Fan service in anime is hilarious to me, so I gotta give it up to HOTD there. More than that, I find myself rooting for the characters in HOTD more than I do in Bleach because I feel like their survival plight is more desperate. I've always enjoyed animes where the people were human, that is to say, I've grown out of the phase where super human powers were a need for me to watch an anime.
Bleach comedy is dry - its all been done a million times before in animes just like it. HOTD isn't much better but I can't help but giggle just a little when it comes around. Just saying, but its really a matter of opinion. I put way too much thought into what I watch with anime, but that's just cause I'm a picky b*****d about things like that. If the anime goes on too long, I'm prone to lose interest in it & never go back - like I had with Bleach. Short sweet animes, with action, brief comedy, & the occasional flash of naughty bits are ones I can enjoy & watch again later if I ever get the urge to.

Better than both of these however, is Gungrave. I highly suggest at least watching the first half of it, the second half goes scifye & gets a little odd but its still good.
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HOTD certainly tops Bleach in the fanservice department.
both of them are really good but there is no comparison between them
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Pardon my rudeness as I say this, but IT DEPENDS ON THE PERSON!!! scream
As you can see from what a lot of people say they don't like bleach, as to other people saying that they don't like Highschool of the Dead. Personally I like Bleach more, but I also like Highschool of the Dead. That's my opinion.
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I like both...Bleach is kind of a typical anime in the sense that it has 300+ episodes with 70 fillers. I wished there was more Highschool of the Dead, but I never became emotionally attached to any characters like I did in Bleach.

This, it was the same for me. I like both, but I enjoy Bleach more.
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no lie this man looks like a *****

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