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my name is chrono.
i need you peoples helps here.
let me tell you a story i have been through.

for loong loong time ago, i was alone, i met a girl named molly, and 3 guys named tri and aki and wolfy.

we was agree that we would do something to gaia.
so we maked a guild called for flame of hope, and that clan was gonna helping peoples with mony to they who not had so mush and help they who was newbeginners. Whan we all was ifish making the flame of hope clan we helped peoples, and the clan becomes popular in gaia.

you can see the clan here --> http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds-home/flames-of-hope/g.284259/

( pleace, clik on this here, its a music its sounds cool whan you gonna read the next thing, so pleace annyoi the music) --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUEWmkRpY-U

but there was something happend the the flame of hope clan, the 2 who also maked the clan, --> me and aki, we have alwayes argument and fighted.

some dayes later whan all went so good, me and aki was finaly willing to fight to see the truth of who it was the strongest of us 2.

but the king tri and, the queen molly and wolfy, they stopped us.
but one day, i had a feeling that flame of hope was bad, and becomed evil, but i sayed it to the bosses in flame of hope clan.

and aki, he was angry, and we started to fight and everything, idk what happend, but i think peoples who joined was scared of tired of us fighting.
so they went away.... and all who was left was the ones who have maked the guild, me aki and molly and wolfy.

and than we all just went away from easothers, few years later again whan i camd on again, the flame of hope was death, but aki, tri and molly was still here as thhey are today. So now i have decided that to make a story on my profile, about us in flame of hope clan. So take a look on my profile pleace, and read what there stand and listen to this music whan you watch my profile to make it more exiting ----> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUEWmkRpY-U

as you might see, i have end the stry now on there me and aki gonna finaly end this fight, and to make this fight fair we have decided that you peoples gonna vote about whs gonna deserve to win this fight, who deserve to live.

take a look on the flame of hope clan, at the linked as i writed longer up on the page, and find more about me and aki.

and whan you peoples have decide who you think deserve to win on my story you just write down the name you want who deserve to win.

the name is Aki vs Chrono.

whan that story is end, it will continu the story on my profile, more seriosly, and more existing music, so dont miss this. and pleace vote peoples.

Who you think that deserve to win?
Aki or Chrono, vote now!
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Hilarious Codger

Cool story bro.
your story is great and i look forward to reading the next epsodes but you might wana consider checking ur spelling but other then that it's great

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