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they've licensed it on crunchyroll and I've been watching it. I've only seen two so far but I'm liking it...only three more days until the next is available! Or is it two...I don't know. Soonish though lol.
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I'm so happy with this series. The anime looks really pretty, and I have no complaints over seiyuus. I can't wait for more~!
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heart heart
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Haven't read the manga at all but the episodes have been nicely paced. I'll definitely be watching this, just hope it doesn't drag like some other shonen anime has...
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I just saw the first 2 episodes and its pretty good. I might try for the manga. biggrin
Once I saw the preview for the next episode it reminded me of Soul Eater for some reason.

I think I'm going to like this one.
omg i watched this anime and it is epic. the fights and everything are so awesome its defintiely becoming one of my favourite animes so far biggrin ninja xp
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Woo! Episode 3 is up!
i watched the third episode today it was epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rofl
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Blue Excorsist sounds good. I've always liked the ghost stories and excorsists
omg gonna go watch ep 3 now! lol.
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I've been following AoEx ever since the manga, and the fact that there's now an anime makes me really pleased XD So far the anime adaptation is pretty good, the choice for the seiyuus are decent, and the additions they made are pretty cool.

I'm just waiting for Amaimon to show up in the anime nao <3
Watched episode 3 today and I must say that was definitely a twist. and I want to know what the principle is.

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