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Yankee's had an off season end. If anyone watched them come back during the season , you could not disagree that they put there all just to get to the post-season.
About the "they buy there wins" crap... They earned it. Why do you think the Yankees have the biggest franchise? because they made a name for themselves and rich people bought the team (Stienbrenner, Boss may you rest in piece). The Yankees are paid to play at there highest skill level because they seek out players that make the grade. You cant "BUY" a win. Players aren't >forced< to join a team. they get paid high because they where good enough for the team to recognize them.
I agree the Giants and Rangers did need a series... the Yankees had last year and hopefully they'll get in next year.
As for "They get paid a lot they don't even care" , There paychecks and contracts don't re-sign themselves. If you play bad ,such as Joba Chamberlin this year ; you don't get re-signed and then your jobless. Theres a LOT of incentive to play well and win. Who plays a whole season of baseball , makes it to the playoff's and says "Oh well at least I have my money...". You don't simply discard all that hard work for nothing. They truly did what they could. They'll be back.

Also...Red Sox are just haters because they're all butt-hurt over losing so many of there players and picks to the Yankees because everyone wants to be a Yankee ; P and One or even Two World Series win's won't make up for the pocket load we have : D.
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Yankees are the best! Everyone is just hating on them because they "buy" their players but guess what? If you have the money then spend it! And it was sad when they lost, but I'm still happy that San Fran won! Bay area power baby!
iight so Yankees sucked this Series but its all good cuz they're still awesome
27-time world series champions baby!!
yea, they get paid a lot but their money doesn't get them to win 27 world series; their skill does.
so haters can smd!!
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I'll give them a break when they actually earn the WS title. They have more money than any other team to buy good players and they still can't win. They're a bunch of ego driven jerks that deserve nothing
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yankees rule 24-7
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the next year will be the year of the yankees

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