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Go rangers
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go Texas watev
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whats this all about
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The rangers are the best.so what if the giants won the first two, it doesnt mean they'll win the rest. I like how there's so many fakers. Everyones into baseball now because their team is in the series. before this they didnt give a s**t. i've always been a ranger/baseball fan. so even if they do lose they'll still be the best to me.
Rangers rule. Go Josh Hamilton and Vladdy!!!!!!!! Cliff Lee your a beast too and so are you Nelson Cruz
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go vlad and cliff lee dramallama
No way. SF beat the Rangers twice. Game 2 was the beat down of the Rangers.SF 9 Rangers 0.
we won last night so it's still not over

Rangers just lost game 4. Giants leading 3-1 YES!! biggrin Let's see about game 5.
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Claws and Antlers
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effing rangers gave up on us
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Scared Wulf
Of course, you say "Yall"

They suck, and they;re rednekcs.
You're stereotyping people, it means "you all" and no I'm not some hillybilly I live in the city and yes some people can give us a bad name but we aren't the ones selling pot
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oh if you only knew
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Hmm well we aren't sore winners so thats what matters
heart xp whee 3nodding

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