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yay for everyone who won the olympic golds
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YEAH!! go Canada!!! 14 gold medals and we showed who owns hockey when it comes to the guys and the chicks smile . Also proud of the USA. you guys do awsome to but im canadian so you know razz gotta cheer a lil u know hehe
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          ҭᴏ wʜᴏᴍ ᴉҭ ᴍᴀу ᴄᴏᴎᴄᴇᴙᴎ:

                I'm still upset about hockey. I could care less that Canada won it, but WHY did it have to be Crosby scoring the winning goal?! D:

                                                                          ᴃᴇӻᴏᴙᴇ ᴍᴉᴆᴎᴉʛʜҭ
heart I am sooo proud to be Canadian! heart
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Yay Canada!~
i love the Olympics especially the Hockey
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Before Midnight
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          ҭᴏ wʜᴏᴍ ᴉҭ ᴍᴀу ᴄᴏᴎᴄᴇᴙᴎ:

                I'm still upset about hockey. I could care less that Canada won it, but WHY did it have to be Crosby scoring the winning goal?! D:

                                                                          ᴃᴇӻᴏᴙᴇ ᴍᴉᴆᴎᴉʛʜҭ

What's wrong with Crosby? D:
I'm surprised Nedermeyer didn't score the winning goal. He really put a lot of shots on the net during the overtime!
Those seven minutes of overtime were so much more stressful than a month of school!
Gratz to the states though. 37 medals total is no small accomplishment!
It was a great 17 days. All of the athletes deserve our praise and respect. Though I am not a hockey fan, I do usually watch it during the Olympics, at least the US matches. Yesterday's match was one of the best games in the history of the sport. It was better than any of the Kings and Ducks games that I have seen in person here at home.

To answer the question of why Niedermeyer didn't get any in, you have only to look one place - "RYAN MILLER" - Miller was awesome stopping shot after shot. If there was an MVP for the game it was him. His effort gave the US a chance to win, but at least the winners were our favorite neighbor Canada. There is no shame in losing to Canada.


See you at London, England 2012 or Sochi, Russia 2014.
Hear ye, hear ye! The 2010 Winter Olympics are upon us and it's time to put thy clever brains to work. Can you predict what will happen at the games? Methinks you can! Put yourself to the test every single day of the lovely Olympics starting today until the very last day, the 28th of February. For each contest we'll pick 5 members at random from everyone who picked the right answer and award them a whopping 2,500 gold each. Play often and you could run away with a lot of loot!

Predictions Closed:
# of Gold Medals for the US?
Country to be Disqualified First?
Drama during the Olympics?

Predictions Closed - 2/13 Events:

Gold Medal Winner for Ski Jumping
Gold Medal Winner for Alpine Skiing - Men's Downhill
Gold Medal Winner for Short Track - Men's 1500m

Predictions Closed - 2/14 Events:
Alpine Skiing - Ladies' Slalom
Speed Skating - Ladies' 3000 m

Predictions Closed - 2/15 Events:
Snowboard - Men's Snowboard Cross
Figure Skating - Pairs Free

Predictions Closed - 2/16 Events:
Alpine Skiing - Men's Slalom
Ladies' Snowboard Cross

WINNERS Posted for 2/13-2/16 Events: Click here!

Predictions Closed - 2/17 Events:
Snowboard, Men's Halfpipe
Men's Luge, Doubles Run
Alpine Skiing, Ladies' Downhill

WINNERS Posted for 2/17 Events: Click here!

Predictions Closed - 2/18 Events:
Figure Skating - Men Free
Snowboard- Ladies' Halfpipe

Predictions Closed - 2/19 Events:
Skeleton - Women's Heat
Skeleton - Men's Heat

Predictions Closed - 2/20 Events:
Alpine Skiing - Ladies' Super-G
Ski Jumping
Short Track - Ladies' 1500m
Short Track - Men's 1000m

WINNERS Posted for 2/18-2/20 Events: Click here!

Predictions Closed - 2/21 Events:
Freestyle Skiing - Men's Ski Cross
Bobsleigh - Two-Man

Predictions Closed - 2/22 Events:
Ski Jumping - Team
Figure Skating - Ice Dance

WINNERS Posted for 2/21-2/22 Events: Click here!

Predictions Closed - 2/23 Events:
Speed Skating - Men's 10000m
Freestyle Skiing - Ladies' Ski Cross

Predictions Closed - 2/24 Events:
Alpine Skiing - Ladies' Giant Slalom
Bobsled - Women's Heat

Predictions Closed - 2/25 Events:
Ice Hockey - Women's Gold Medal Game
Figure Skating - Ladies Free
Freestyle Skiing - Men's Aerials

WINNERS Posted for 2/21-2/22 Events: Click here!

Predict 2/26 Events:
Snowboard - Ladies' PGS
Short Track - Men's 500m
Short Track - Men's 5000m Relay

Predict 2/27 Events:
Speed Skating - Men's Team Pursuit
Speed Skating - Ladies' Team Pursuit
Snowboard - Men's Parallel Giant Slalom
Curling - Men's Gold Medal Game

Predict 2/28 Events:
Ice Hockey - Men's Gold Medal Game

WINNERS Posted for 2/21-2/22 Events: Click here!

We'll have new contests unveiling daily, so check back here often! And, we'll post links with updates on our new blog!

Now to address some of the common questions:

Why are you using Surveymonkey for this? Why not use your own poll feature?
Our poll feature is great, but it's easier for us to do all the tracking necessary to pick winners through Surveymonkey. That's why it's important you put in your username exactly when you vote - if we can't identify you, you can't win!

How long will it take for the winners to be notified?
Great question! Approximately "as soon as we can," - it's a lot of data to go through.

Can we win more than once?
Darn tootin'! Well, you can only vote once in each poll, but you could definitely win multiple times if you vote in all of them. It all depends on how lucky you are.

How will I know if I won?
Check this page for updates. We will link to our blog where we'll announce winners! There's nothing else you'll need to do - no passwords to enter, no info to provide, nothing.
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It was great to see all the work and effort put in by the participants. xd
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Oh niceeee!! xp
<3 the olimpics
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