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From: MikadoNatsuru
Message: She began to regret wearing heals to this party even though the dresscode was formal... As she sighed and took a seat by the fountain she remembered... She wasn't wearing any socks...

She began to laugh as she pulled out a pair of babydoll socks from the box. "Perhaps that is why she doesn't have them..."

From: An anonymous benefactor
Message: How do I top thee? Let me name the ways.
I top thee with a paddle, crop and cane
Your soul to reach, when feeling pleasure's pain
And in thrashing, see your passion reach that place -
I top thee into ecstasy's sub-space.
I top the with hemp rope and iron chains,
I top thee with a thousand loving pains,
Of pinwheel sharp and feathers soft and blindfold black,
I top thee in every drip of scalding candle wax,
I top thee in humiliating infant dress,
I top thee in the straitjacket's caress.
And then, sometimes, my sweet submissive witch,
I top thee from the bottom when we switch!

-The Master

She slowly turns red, and begins to fan herself with her hand fan, "Oh my.."

Lady Viscera
From: Lady Viscera
Message: But a small token of my appreciation for this dance.

She smiled softly. "Feel free to dance with me any time..."
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Dapper Gaian

From: An anonymous benefactor
Message: Key to my heart
we will never crossroads.
you will find me under a tree
before you i appear as a toad.
kiss me now& a prince i will be
if you can come and risk to find me.

Her head quickly turned side to side, looking for the person. She sighed in melancholia as her attempt to find the person was in vain...

From: - FISHE3 -
Message: i hope you like my present<3

"Thank you," she said softly.

Alias Facade
From: Alias Facade
Message: From one Dapper to another, I am quite certain you will find all manner of use for this!

She chuckled slightly as she took the cravat out of the box. "It certainly suits for being dapper~"
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Dapper Gaian

From: hybridwolfbat
Message: madam you dropped this at the ball

She let out a small gasp. She hadn't realized she had dropped her fan, and the thought of it worried her. Letting out a sigh, she said, "Thank you for returning it to me..."

From: An anonymous benefactor
Message: Wishlist giving makes this zombie very happy!

"Zombie?!" she exclaimed in shock, frantically looking around. When she realized no one was there, she opened up the box. "Oh my... Well, the zombie certainly has nice taste in glove," she said sweetly. "Thank you."

From: An anonymous benefactor
Message: You're walking amongst the ball goers, doing what an anon does best, when someone bumps into you in the crowd. You look over and see blue beast rubbing his head and adjusting his red mask sheepishly.

''Owwie...'' He then looks over at you with apologetic eyes. ''Oh, I'm sorry miss... Hey, you're that anon, aren't you?'' You nod and he grins big and wide. ''Dude, it's a pleasure to meet you! I'm a big fan of your work...'' He then looks around for something to give you, but seeing as he only has a plate of food, he gives you one of his snacks instead. ''If I knew I'd be bumping into you, I would have prepared a better present... S-sorry...'' He then bows apologetically before going on his way, but before he leaves, he turns back to you. ''By the way... I'm Mister Monster Guy.'' He smiles, then runs off at a blazing speed...

She smiled and shook her head, still not exactly sure what just occurred. However, it was certainly wonderful to be noticed-- and even more-so to be appreciated-- by someone, even if it was by a monster. The blue creature did seem sweet enough- almost huggable, actually. Taking a bite from the hot dog, she decided to give him said hug if she ever saw him again.
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Dapper Gaian

From: 0Ruby0

She shook her head. "Don't apologize..."

From: An anonymous benefactor
Message: We looked upon the room so large,
With people masquerading around,
And dancers taking charge.
A lone person was in the corner,
Sipping wine with a face of distaste,
Wondering if they had to stay an longer.
Approached we did with our faces covered,
Took your hand without a word,
No frown would we allow for a future lover.
Around and around us three went,
The music playing as it would never stop,
But alas the final beat played and we could tell you were spent.
With each of your hand in ours,
Lifted our mask only so slightly,
And with a swift, soft motion a kiss with care.

Team Rocket's Profit Expansion Division
Buson and Bashou

She smiled softly, her pinks dusting with light pink blush. "How sweet," she whispered.

From: An anonymous benefactor
Message: You are at the refreshments table, resting for a bit after having danced for the past hour. Your partner was a wonderful dancer, and the fast paced steps left you both tired, yet content. As you reach for the large spoon to pour yourself some punch, you notice a cloaked figure by the side. Curious as to why he was alone, you put down your cup and walk over, being careful not to trip over your gown. As you approach him, you realize that he is rather handsome. A slightly larger than normal build, and a height only slightly taller than your own. He is wearing a long, white cloak, and a golden mask covers most of his face. You glance at the white hair falling down to his shoulders, slightly longer than what you would expect on a male. You stop in surprise as he starts your way after noticing your intention. A yellow rose is slipped into your hand, seemingly emitting a gentle, golden glow under the light of the chandeliers in the ballroom. Your cheeks redden faintly as he places a kiss on the top of your hand. "Would you like to dance?" You want to refuse, to tell him your partner is waiting for you, but you find it hard to phrase as you are lulled in by his bright grey eyes and gentle smile. Soon, you are being twirled on the dance floor by your new partner, matching him step for step as you travel around in a skillfully executed waltz. After fifteen minutes or so, you and the masked stranger end up in the corner of the ballroom, both out of breath from the activity. You open your mouth to thank him when his lips meet yours. You are surprised, but too shocked to react. You tell your arms to push him away, but your hands pull him closer as both mouths open, allowing your tongues to dance together in harmony as you both had. You pull back reluctantly after a moment as your lungs scream for air. "Want to go somewhere else?" His gentle voice once again weakens your will, leaving you in a daze as you follow him to his room. You wake in a bedroom up to the scent of fresh roses and the refreshing touch of the evening breeze. It takes you a few seconds to sit up, blinking blearily as you struggle to remember why you are here. You suddenly recall the masked stranger, and what had happened. However, no matter how hard you try, you cannot recall what happened afterwards. Just then, as you look down, you notice that you are unclothed.

'What had happened...?' You blush furiously and turn to the side of the bed, about to go find that stranger and ask him what had happened when you notice a small package adorned with a yellow bow on the bedside table. Your frustration suddenly put aside, you reach for the tag. On it, in golden print, says:
"I hope you enjoyed the last few yours. I apologize, but I had urgent matters to attend to. If you do not recall what happened, well then I will leave that up to your imagination. Oh, I also left a small gift for you on the bedside table. I hope you enjoy it."
Your blush deepens even further, more than you ever thought possible. You turn to the package and pick at the small bow, your mind wandering as you tried to remember what had occurred.

~Golden RoseUser Image

She felt herself go quite red in the face. While she wished she could learn the identity of the gentleman, she figured that it was better that she not, for it would take away from the beautiful mystery. She smiled softly and let herself fall back onto the pillow.
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Dapper Gaian

From: hybridwolfbat
Message: Miss oh miss * your friend calls out to you* you left this * she said panting as she gave her this gift

"Why thank you," she said softly. Noticing that the girl was out of breath, she handed her a teacup. "Drink up. It will revitalize you..."
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Dapper Gaian

From: spazlee
Message: gifting thread

She smiled as she pulled the top hat out of the box. "Oh, it's quite dapper~!" It reminded her of her old English roots. "Thank you so much..."

From: PukuKuLily
Message: ^-^

The young lady let out a small gasp as the jewelled tiara hit the light. "It's fit for a princess~"

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