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School Report: The science teacher, Olivia has just set in motion a science fair to assist with the construction and planning of her machine to return the normalizing school back to it's magical and wholely unusual self.
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In the dim light of a street lamp somewhere in these dark, foreboding city streets, Lydia Blaise listened as her contact from the school room gave his report. She didn't know how he was able to jump from realm to realm, as most of the mirror-portals were broken, but she was glad he could.

"Thanks a milllion, doll!" she said softly before he disappeared into the night. "Gotta tell this to the boss."
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Sheila came back to the parlour once more, a sly yet sweet smile upon her face, as usual. Lots of good reports had been coming in from their contacts from the other dreams, and she was only too excited to learn more about the going-ons of the rest of the dream universe denizens. She posted a few new pages of notes up on the bulletin board of updates before taking a seat again at one of the tables.
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Breezing back into the parlor at HQ, Lydia spotted Sheila and announced, "Well, I had a rendezvous with our contact from the Academy, but you've probably already heard the news!"
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"Hello, darling!" Sheila quickly greeted Lydia before confirming, "Yes, such news travels fast around here! It sure looks like things are getting quite lively, everywhere. We really ought to send out some more agents to get the scoop."

Another quick look around, and the woman added with curiosity, "Have you seen Oliver about, either? Unless more recruits turn up for training, we might be able to send him, perhaps."
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"Sorry hun, I haven't seen him since this morning! I guess he's looking for some intel on his own. I've half a mind to go myself, if you've got an assignment for me."
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"Well, you're certainly welcome to. I think I'll just hang around back here for time being and do a little more research into the chaos our dream worlds have been thrown into!"
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A figure quietly sauntered into the room, leaning casually against a far wall, trying to make herself as inconspicuous as possible. With a bored expression she surveyed the room, observing the others silently.
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Sheila, conditioned to notice sneaky entrances, noticed the newcomer as she entered the parlour. The woman put on a jovial smile, and cheerily called across the room, "Ah, you must be one of the new recruits, too. Glad you've found your way to the agency, darling."
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Lydia looked around the room and caught a glimpse of a newcomer sitting by herself and trying her best to look bored.

"Well, would you look at that!" Lydia said, noticing the new girl at the same time Sheila seemed to. "The agency finally sent us someone new!"

Crossing the room with Sheila to greet the newcomer, Lydia said, "Hiya! Welcome to the agency!"
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Kail sips his coffee glad that the attention is on someone else
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As Sheila continued talking to the newcomer, Lydia spotted someone else drinking coffee.

"Hiya, doll!" she purred. "Welcome to HQ!"
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Mae smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

"I suppose it was rather presumptuous to try and sneak up on you lot." She walked over to the two, and held out her hand, "I am indeed a new agent, I tend to go by the name Madame Mae." She smiled mischievously before adding, "Of course you can just call me Mae."

(Guh, sorry to post and disappear, but I need to run to the store. Be back in a bit!)
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Hmmm. It seems that even though this dream has the most information about what's going on here, it's the least popular. Ain't that how it goes...

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