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"Aw, you're cuttin' out already, doll?" Lydia asked. "Well, maybe we'll see ya around later on, huh?"

((Yeah, it's almost three in the morning where I am. But I'm probably gonna stay online for about 20 minutes or so. ))
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((I'll be around for like another 10 mins ;x hoping it cools down a bit more before I try to sleep.

I did join the planning guild though, so I hope to see many of you guys again if this thread closes!))
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(( Thank you so much for making this room awesome, everyone! Can't thank you all enough. My wonderful fellow ball staffers, the guests--thank you! <3 ))
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(( Nono, thank YOU guys for making it so awesome! You were fantastic hosts emotion_kirakira ))
((Yes, thank you one and all! This has been the best ball experience! I've had a blast playing this character, and I don't want the fun to end! Thank y'all for making it so much fun! ))
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Mae stretched, yawning.

"Well guys, I don't think I can keep my eyes open one more minute. See you ladies and fellas later~"

Mae took off her hat, and crawled under the table again to sleep, avoiding peoples legs and feet as best as she could.

(( Night guys, thanks again <3 ))
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Lydia Blaise also began feeling the exhaustion of the last few days' events catching up with her, but she also wanted to stay close by in case any new developments meant that she was needed. She yawned. "G'night, guys 'n' dolls!" she said sleepily. "If you're not still here when I wake up, I hope I see ya all in your dreams! Sheila 'n' I'll be right here waitin' for ya! There's always somethin' goin' on in the Agency!"

And as the band played a slow, sultry tune that seemed to be meant just for her, she curled up on the couch in the parlor, closed her eyes, and drifted off to sleep, resting peacefully. Who knew what would come tomorrow? But in a world of dreams where anything was possible and where gun-totin' bombshell dames like Lydia always got their man, she knew that whatever happened in the future, she would be ready, and there would always be new adventures and happy surprises around every corner.

((Last post in character, unless there are still people in here RPing in the morning and I miraculously get up before the forum closes. blaugh Thank you all again for giving us such a wonderful experience! (And thanks, Mae, for complimenting our hosting! ^_^) Hugs to everyone!
Lydia/Cielne/Mademoiselle Alvinette heart ))
I love this! biggrin do u want to wrk w/me to make a manga!?
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((Yes, thank you one and all! This has been the best ball experience! I've had a blast playing this character, and I don't want the fun to end! Thank y'all for making it so much fun! ))

(Same here. I would if I could but my funds are limited but what if we made a guild to continue the story for after the ball like how amson is out of the Dream world and that stuff. Its just an idea but I think it would go well. Thanks again for a great weekend and for making my first attended ball a great experience.)
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((This was so much fun! It was my first ball, and I loved it. I'm hoping to be on the staff next year! I'll be sad when the forum closes ;-; crying ))
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Fault the pegasus

"I figure we could hang out later at the manor, that is, if you're not sick of asylums by now." She joked.
"That sounds fine by me." He laughed and nodded. "Plus, how could someone ever get sick of an asylum? Definitely doesn't have any monotony."

"Yeah, I guess you're right!" She laughed. "Hey, I've got something for you." The girl rushed in and pecked him on the cheek before he could do anything. "That's for having my back." Then she punched him hard on the arm. "And that's for keeping your mouth shut about what just happened." (^////^ )
Shawn found himself blushing. "Your welcome. So, that mean we're a demon fightin duo now?" He laughed. "Cause I'd love that."
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((I'm so upset I had to miss a full day of the RP! My internet was down. xp ))
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((I was wondering why I didn't get to meet you while I was going through posts in the thread for Symbolon))
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((So...to everybody who made Lydia art: HUGS!! I love it! heart

Can I has the art to put on my profile/sig? Usually nobody wants to draw my characters, and the fact that you guys did just tickles me pink! emotion_kirakira
~Lydia/Cielne (posting on my main) ))

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