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Minty Andee

What was your main instrument?

Zither. Though if you google, You better also type Lithuania, because as I understand it's different in different countries.

Hey there!

I've got a special gift for you!

From: Victorian Vocaloid- Anon
Message: As you made your way off the beautiful dance floor, you adjusted your shimmery mask, which kept falling into your eyes. Looking back up, you jump with a startle as you see a young lady in Victorian attire standing right in front of you. However, something inside of you told you that it wasn't just an elaborate masquerade costume.

She had her back turned to you- she must have been backing away from the swelling crowd of Gaians entering the festivities. Must not be an extrovert, you figured.

Tapping her on the shoulder, she meekly turned to face you. "Hello," she said. Her voice was thick with British accent, as well as an odd electronic buzz.

"Would you like to dance?" you asked, leading her to blush and look away for a moment before nodding.

You gently spun and swayed with her on the floor until the song ended. You turned your head as you heard a mechanical chirping. Shaking it off as a figment of your imagination, you turned again to thank the girl for the dance... But she was no longer there. Despite this, a small yellow box with a red ribbon sat at your feet.

'I am sorry for disappearing... Crowds scare me.. Make me feel vulnerable. I don't like to be seen 'with' someone... People always get the wrong impression... That, or I get attached. Best I leave now... I just wanted to thank you, for you are the only person who acknowledged me tonight, and you are a wonderful dancer...'

~ The Victorian Vocaloid

Thank you x33

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