• if i stop now call me a quitter
    could it be that i was wrong
    if cats were lies, youd be a litter
    so sing me a different song

    speak only the truth and no more lies
    your last chance, you get no more
    my insides twist, and as feeling dies
    i turn to face the open door

    when i gave you my heart you took it all
    wrapped it in the warmth of you
    and i felt myself begin to fall
    fall 'til i was so lost in you

    you gave your hand and offered your name
    i took it and held it tight
    alas you did not love me the same
    i felt you left me in the night

    i didnt believe when you came back
    that you came back to me whole
    your mind your body i do not lack
    but you dont give your heart and soul

    i take back my heart, broken and cold
    hope that it will heal with time
    prepare to see my life unfold
    i see now you were never mine

    it hurts to stay here and to fight
    to leave hurts as much the same
    but i turn away, with all my might
    and i'll strive to forget your name