• There once was a monkey who liked to fling poo.
    Her name was Mattea, Mattea that's who.
    She flung poo at you.
    She flung poo at me.
    She flung poo at the monkey's
    from high in the trees.

    But one summer day, the good monkey's were mad.
    They hated the poo flinging monkey, the one who was bad.

    The good monkeys did gather to clean off the mess, then discover a way to be rid of the pest.

    The good monkeys decided, it was time for a test -a simple one in fact- to see who could fling poo the best

    One flung high.
    The other flung low.
    They covered that bad monkey from head to toe.

    Only then did they realize,
    the bad monkey was dead.
    There was a rock in the poo and it hit her in the head. xp

    They all gathered 'round.
    And looked at her lie, as if she was sound
    They poked and they proded,
    but left her on the ground.

    In the end it was over, their deed was all done,
    a bomb had been dropped- "RUN MONKEY'S RUN!!"

    And in the end, the moral of the story is:
    "the wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round..'round and 'round..'round and 'round..."