• Soon I will be surrounded, by eyes and ears and tongues.
    All the words resounded, off brains and hearts and lungs.

    I would never choose this way, but it was given to me.
    All the days before today, decided what today would be.

    Or at least that is my excuse, to be the way I will.
    When my existence loses use, my body will feel the chill.

    And what a sweet cold, that final human cold of mine.
    Afterwards it can't be told, the joys both infinite and fine.

    But where does that leave me, a man alone on the run?
    I'll never live if I don't live free, and I laugh at the sun.

    He thinks his motions change, how the world goes.
    I sit here silent and strange, because nobody knows.

    That the sun isn't real, and all the universe is the same.
    I can't say how I feel, so I gave up trying to give it a name.

    All I am is eternal, all I see was never meant to last.
    Earth left for Home supernal, and all I know is in the past.