• Sometimes I wonder what it's like to die
    Do people move on or just sit around and cry?
    I want to know what it feels like to leave
    Nobody would miss me is what I believe

    I could jump out this window
    I'll fall to the ground while I watch the air flow
    Or I could just hang myself with this rope
    I've lost all signs of hope

    I could jump in front of a moving car
    When it's close not too far
    Or I could shoot myself in the head
    While I'm laying quiet in my bed

    What would I have to live for?
    Friends, a bully, win the lottery, become poor
    I rather not stick around and find out
    I'll just sit around in my room and pout

    Maybe people say what's good about you
    Or why they didn't like you
    Maybe that day will come and I'll see
    What it's like to be