• I am spinning.
    The world doesn't seem to
    want to stop moving.
    Can you feel it, too?
    I can't stop,
    and now I am dizzy.
    Why don't you stop me?You are so lazy.
    My heart keeps breaking,
    and you don't seem to know what you do to me.
    You broke my heart,
    and now I take you back.
    I cant stop loving you,
    no matter what I do.
    Why don't you turn back?
    I took you back,
    and you break me.Again.
    What did I do,
    to deserve this attack?
    I start to fall,
    and what do you do?

    Do you let me fall?
    Or pull me back?

    Time seems to stop,
    as I wait for your answer.
    My life is on hold,
    and I fear the answer.
    My heart begins to,
    beat faster and faster.
    I can feel the wind,whipping my hair into a form of a halo,
    and I begin to fear that I look like an angel,
    because my eyes are burning from the sun catching my blond hair.
    I have waited so long,
    for your answer,
    and I begin to fall. Again?
    The water gets closer,
    as I fall faster.
    The question runs,
    through my head, as the tears fall down my cheeks.

    Do you pull me back?
    Or let me fall?