• Here I sit swamped by a forest of numbers, text and paper
    perplexed, and most definately stuck
    for I am a man stuck to his desk chair,
    free to leave but compelled to come back
    for one thing only,
    the corporal fuel of everyday life
    fattening the wallets of few
    tightening the belts of many.
    ''Work is good for you'' they say,
    my unloving mother and that bitter wife
    if they were in my shoes, they would be in despair.
    disgusted by this sentiment, I tried to quit
    but I am still stuck to my desk chair
    looking on at my fellow colleagues,
    at the intern that is jamming paper into the scanner
    reminding me of when I first started,
    but now i'm screaming to be free
    oh the irony
    I am old
    with aching limbs
    unable to do any good in the world
    I should have become a doctor, I tell myself in pity.
    so here I sit once again
    swamped by this forest of numbers, text and paper
    bored, in-denial and most definately stuck.

    By Sadie - Sama