• I love you with the same fire, from a year ago,
    it hasn't dimmed, it hadn't burnt out, it only build up,
    every memory i cherish and every laugh we shared,
    all the reactions and expressions you've showed,
    all the doubt and disbelief i showed.

    i will let you in now, but is it to far away to grasp?
    remembering how i was there and all the happiness i felt,
    it has gone away, i wanna see another day,
    be in another day far away,
    with you, where the day is long and the night is short,
    where i can breath in all your love,
    i don't need affection just your words,
    just you no pressure and no bounds,
    speak your mind i am enjoying your very tone,
    so soothing and heavenly, bless me again and again with your love,
    i miss you, please say you do too.