• And I’ll pretend nothing is wrong just to keep you happy
    Just for him, just for her, just for my neighbor.

    Another day

    I can’t think
    I can’t drink
    And I sure can’t climb into bed.

    Thoughts tumble.
    Sleep talks; when the duct tape is removed.

    The glasses of wine
    Cups of tea
    Mugs of coffee;
    Spilled into the rug.

    I can’t clean it this time…
    I guess.
    I’ll just sleep, or try. I may just head on home.
    If I can find it.

    Another day.

    I get out of bed,
    And I will tell myself in the mirror;

    You will leave the house
    You will walk with a smile
    You will say hello and wave
    You will come home to your family
    You will have a nice conversation as you eat
    You may even crack a joke or two.
    You will then get comfortable
    You will climb into bed

    You will repeat.
    You will repeat.
    You will repeat.