• I like the people on the T.V.
    There nothing like me
    It’s just what were shown
    And it leaves us all so confused at times
    Must we lose our virginity?
    I almost at age 16 still a virgin and the televisions tells me there is something wrong with me
    And should I dare kiss a boy then I’m a f*****t, and social outcast
    And they fuel this ignorance with 24 hours a looped television stations that run everyday
    So we learn to step in line
    You wear what you must to keep a large circle of uncaring friends
    And then you decide you’re going to be different and go punk
    Completely ignoring the fact that everyone around you does the same dam cycle
    You are really just falling into a life the televisions told you to fall into
    Never thinking of what you are or what you think
    Instead you step inline
    Live a brainwashed excuse for a life