• In the end

    What was the start of all of this? when did the cogs of fate begin to turn? perhaps it is impossible to grasp the answer now, from deep within the flow of time

    But for a certainty back then, we loved so many,yet hated so much,
    we hurt others,and where hurt ourselves..........
    yet even then we ran like the wind,whilest our laughter echoed under cerulean skies.......................

    Where did it all end? when did angels lose their way?

    perhaps it was when your demolished spirit shredded the layers of their devoted hearts as we carry on our pain and chaos as their crying a river of tears while wishing to slowly return our salvation__

    but as you stand on this disintigrating earth, you look up to see the river flowing toward you slowly........slowly.........
    and as you reach to touch it,it vanishes and leaves you to weep while thinking of those joyous years of what was supposed to be the years of an never-ending trust.........my dear sister

    And as i look upon your wasteland of our broken dreams,
    i breakdown to see to see you staring at me and my tear stained face
    and as you try to wipe away the tears of sorrow and pain, the once beautiful features that you love so much turn to dust flowing through your hands of neglect
    while remembering our broken bonds

    while you kneel down in these tormenting hours,
    you look around to see me holding out my hands of forgiveness
    i watch you hesitate,pleading...pleading.......
    i hug you just like we used to as kids......do you remember?
    i start to feel tears of warmth instead of icy blades
    please except my hand,and i will lead you to us in the end