• Pokémon are the way of life,
    I've got a Scyther, no more need for a knife.
    Ketchum is the last name of a Pokémon trainer,
    Ash is his first name, it's a no-brainer.
    Catch 'em all, it's my eternal quest,
    Haven't you heard? I'm gonna be the very best.
    Universal champion, that'll be me,

    I'll win all battles with my Butterfree.

    Catching Pokémon, day and night,
    Hoothoots are hooting give me a fright.
    Outside in the wild I train on my own,
    One more capture after the Pokéball is thrown.
    Setting up traps for an easier catch,
    Early in the morning, I'll get the best of the batch.

    Yet training each one is a bit of a hassle
    Of course you must know, I don't live in a castle.
    Unlike you though, the champion is me,
    !'s always pop up, so my time is never free.