• Consumed, consumed
    By the shade of the loom
    By giants, by giants
    I'd only assume

    That we are not safe
    At this edge of the world
    By tyrants, by tyrants
    We tipped and we twirled


    If you're not the end of me
    You're not my enemy
    Lend me your hand
    Or death from above

    Steer us from this storm
    And into the warm
    Nothing, oh nothing
    Keep me from my love

    There's someone to care for
    Places to see
    A home, a garden
    Just waiting for me

    I know, I know
    This cloud would lay claim
    What's mine and me
    Just spare me my name


    One hundred long nights
    On the sea of the lure
    Tear lost through the books
    Through page and scripture

    Someone in waiting
    Someone I must find
    Pray waters and winds
    And spirits so kind

    That they may find rest
    And bring us from our curse
    As souls of the sea
    We sing our last verse

    Consumed, consumed
    Confused and confused
    If we are so lost
    The lure is amused

    Ye giants, Ye tyrants
    We souls are defiant
    We're not so compliant
    When put on the edge

    Your time has come now
    And so has ours too
    We tread in the shadows
    For journeys anew

    There's someone to care for
    And places to see
    A home and a lover
    Just waiting for me

    Out of the lure
    And out of the loom
    The shade, the shade
    Is surely my tomb...