• [color=blue]Winter

    They wisp and dance through the frigid air,
    As they fall unaware.
    Silently to the ground of ice and blue,
    We're flowers wait for spring anew.

    That sway to the breeze,
    Naked down past their knees.
    Their leaves gone long away,
    They have waited for this day.

    That freeze by melted snow,
    Holding on to not let go.
    They crash and scatter here and there,
    Beautiful crystals everywhere.

    So gray and rather weary,
    The sun who's sleepy head is dreary.
    As snow fall down instead of rain,
    Where Winter shows no vain.

    Beautiful colors of blue and white,
    Gray and black along with night.
    That comes along to hide the beauty,
    Of Winters face who is not snooty.