• "The proof right in here." They plea,
    As they hold The Bible out to me.
    "All you need is found within,
    But to question it's a sin."

    And so I sin, because I ask
    "What makes this book a book of facts?
    Where is the proof that Jesus lived?
    Outside the bible, none exists."

    "Is there proof this Bible's real?"
    "The Bible needs no proof." Is their appeal.
    "This makes me scoff and question more."
    "The devil tricks you." They retort.

    "But evolution has solid proof we can't deny."
    "It's a theory, and a lie."
    "The earth is billions of years old."
    "The earth is young, so I've been told."

    "But we have proof that that's not true."
    "And that's the devil tricking you."
    "So you think science is the devil's con?"
    "Only when it says the Bible's wrong."

    "But when it doesn't, then all is good?"
    "That's when science acts as it should."

    This ignorance, it makes me sick.
    Because I want answers, I've been tricked?
    This religion thing, it makes no sense.
    For seeking answers, I won't repent.