• I hope one day,
    You can forgive me.
    Maybe one day,
    We can be.
    But for this time,
    I have to be free.
    You pushed me too far,
    You never listened to my cries,
    Or my gasps for breath,
    While your hands were at my throat.
    You never took head to my tears,
    But I will never forget you,
    And I am grateful for the years.
    You took care of me,
    And picked me up,
    When I thought I was done.
    We went in,
    To take on the world.
    But sometime between,
    The school,
    The distance,
    The fights,
    We fell apart.
    How am I suppose to fly,
    When you dragged me to the ground.
    How is it fair,
    When no one is happy.
    I only did it,
    Cause I cared.
    But there are thoughts of you still.
    And your pictures remain in frames.
    I know you may hate me,
    But just remember the love we had.
    Try to remember the good,
    Not the bad.
    We need time,
    We need to grow,
    We need to face the world,
    On our own.
    I need to know,
    That I can fly.