• Missing something in me

    Smokey room filling with them clouds,
    My brain blank when it comes to you, bars are low on service, I'm hitting mars I'm getting limitless, even though nothing feels the same going street to place I need a ace and some gold to reach the hole, be big and never rude, run in like a railroad leaving through the runway in less its ******** cold, my ecstasy it just ain't for me I know I'm winning now what's missing, oh yeah it's my whole skeleton walking with a brain of its own and I'm just chillin like a jeliton ball, I gotta soul but no body to fill it in, feeling pretty? alright. you acting like a child getting naughty at five, having sex at twelve, but wait aren't you a little young, not for you hun, if I was a player I have any girl in my dreams and not have to buy ever hoe to satisfy my missing piece.