• Broken hearts like shattered glass,
    each piece like a person in a different class.
    Some nice,
    some old,
    some shy,
    some bold,
    but a special one within broke the mold.
    He came to a girl,
    who was always a friend,
    after his old girlfriend said it was the end.
    It was a happy hookup that came out of the blue,
    he didnt know the outcome,
    he didnt have a clue.
    The weeks went by,
    her feelings they grew,
    each moment with him was a daydream come true.
    She knew she was in love,
    and she told him so,
    but she knew he desperately wanted to go,
    She thought she was nothing,
    a pebble in a shoe,
    but he took her in his arms and told her what was true.
    I love you,
    you're the world,
    your special to me,
    open your eyes and i'll let you see.
    She never believed him until one day,
    when her body granted her a hospital stay.
    He stood by her side and held onto her hand,
    she knew in her life,
    she needed that man.
    He told her i love you with tears in his eyes,
    so dont say goodbye.
    She believed his every word and knew the'd never part,
    because she'd found her soul mate and he had captured her heart.